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Here's How to Mark Weapons in PUBG 2022, Really Easy!

How to Mark Weapons in PUBG 2022 – When you first land on the PUBG Mobile game map arena, the first thing you do is look for weapons and other important items.

For those of you who play with teammates, then you also have to make sure that your friends also have adequate weapons and items.

You can bring the weapon or item to your friend directly. But there are times when your inventory is full, so you can no longer carry items and weapons for teammates.

The solution to this kind of problem is to use markers. With this marker, teammates will be notified of the location of important items and weapons that they can get.

How to Mark PUBG Weapons
PUBG Mobile Weapons

You can use the universal tag feature to mark weapons, items, enemies, even cars.

Universal sign feature that is in PUBG Mobile this is almost the same as the quick chat feature “enemies ahead!” commonly used.

It’s just that this marker feature is more practical and can mark more things.

How to Mark Weapons and Items in PUBG Mobile

You can mark items such as helmets, magazines, weapons, cars, as well as enemy locations. Here’s how to use universal signs:

  1. First, activate the universal sign setting by going to the settings menu> basic> activate the universal sign.
  2. To use this universal tag you just need to aim at the weapon or item that’s marked, then press the marker button in the form of a location.
  3. If you press the marker button longer, further settings will appear such as attack, I need ammunition, I need components, and so on. Press one of the options that appear as you need.

This universal sign will obviously be very helpful for teamwork during the start of the game. This more complete but still practical feature will be very useful and efficient than the quick chat feature that was previously often used.

That’s an article about universal markings and how to mark weapons on PUBG. Make the most of the universal tag feature to support more solid teamwork.

Hopefully with this article you can immediately practice using universal signs with ease.

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