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Here's How to Delete FF Account on FB

How to Delete an FF Account on FB – Linking a Free Fire account with a social media account can make your Free Fire account more secure and can be played across devices. Free Fire is usually associated with social media accounts such as Vk and Facebook.

The majority of Free Fire players associate their accounts with their Facebook accounts, making it easier for them to play across devices.

How to bind a Free Fire account with your Facebook account is very easy and fast. But what about deleting your Free Fire account from Facebook?

How to Delete FF Account on FB
How to Delete FF Account on FB

Many free fire players are looking for ways to delete free fire accounts with facebook. there are several reasons that make them delete facebook and free fire accounts.

Why Delete Free Fire Account linked on Facebook?

Some of the factors that make Free Fire players delete the association between FF games and Facebook accounts are that they want to create new players who are clean from the history of Free Fire matches, aka starting the match from 0.

How to Delete an Associated Free Fire Account on FB

For those of you who want to delete your Free Fire account from your Facebook, there are several steps that you must go through. this is how to delete a Free Fire account on Facebook:

  1. Make sure your account is logged in to Facebook.
  2. visit App and Website Settings.
  3. On that page there will be Garena Free Fire, a free fire account that is already connected to your facebook account.
  4. Press Checkmark on the Garena Free Fire Game Application option
  5. Then click delete.
  6. There will be a confirmation whether you are sure to delete the free fire game with your facebook account.
  7. Click Delete if you are sure to delete.
  8. Done.

By deleting the Free Fire account that you linked, you can create a new Free Fire account that can be linked to your Facebook account.

The consequence of deleting between facebook and free fire accounts is that all data in the free fire game will be automatically deleted, such as skins, items that are already owned. so make sure you consider it before deleting it.

So that’s the discussion about How to Delete a Free Fire Account on Facebook. hope it’s useful!

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