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Here are 5 Hero & Counter Cecilion Items in Mobile Legends that you should know

Hero & Item Counter Cecilion

META in Mobile legends game constantly changing, and now Cecilion seems to be getting a lot of talk when
burst damage from Bat Impact His (skill 1) started to be poked
Moonton in some patches final. Yep, after getting a little buff from MoontonCecilion’s popularity is now increasing rapidly and even starting to become hero customer
banned because burst damagewhich is not easily dammed.

Damage burst Cecilion had indeed been a terrible scourge long ago. Acquisition stack damage from his almost infinite passive skill makes damage Cecilion can continue to grow as time goes on match. Plus, with the effect
crowd control on Sanguine Claws (skill 2) makes it easier for Cecilion to give damagehim to the opponent.

Even though it has many advantages, it turns out that Cecilion can still be used counter how come. Want to know anything counter-his? Let’s just look at the following explanation:


1. Selena


is a recommendation hero the most appropriate way to deal with Cecilion, because Selena can do targeting from a very far direction using its flying catfish. Thanks to that flying catfish too, Selena can do lock easily towards Cecilion while doing war.

Once Cecilion was hit stun, then Selena can kill him instantly, without even needing the help of his teammates. You could say that Selena is indeed the queen of doing
pick-off, because he can kill his opponent alone with one combo skill.

Besides, this Selena can also do open map very easy to use Abyssal Trap His (skill 1), so that your team can find out the position hero fight more easily.

2. Hanzo


If you like playing barbarians, then Hanzo can be the right recommendation for you to overcome Cecilion. With skills
ultimate belongs to Hanzo, then you can easily give
damage to Cecilion who was often in the back row.

With skills ultimate that too, Hanzo can more freely carry out attacks, because even if Cecilion is inside turretHanzo can still chase him without having to worry about getting hit damage from the turret.

However, you should also remember that Hanzo is a hero which is very weak while in phase ultimate, because the original body will only stay in one place and can be easily hit by attacks from enemies. OIeh therefore, first make sure the enemy doesn’t have hero who can find Hanzo’s real body position easily, such as Natalia, Hayabusa, Ling, and Gatotkaca.

3. Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong is one of the fighter heroes who is very good at doing initiation when war thanks to skills ultimatewhich he can directly use to search for whereabouts heroes
backline like Cecilion.

If it works, you combo with petrify spellthen it is certain that Cecilion will die immediately from Yu Zhong’s attacks which often come suddenly.

Moreover, given that this Yu Zhong is fighter heroesthen he has a greater chance of getting survive despite his position in the front row to face Cecilion. Therefore, if you are indeed a user hero fighter, then there’s no harm in using Yu Zhong to become counter for Cecilion.

4. Natalia


Hero This one scooper has indeed been known to be counter for everything hero marksman or
mage, including Cecilion. Ability invisible which are owned
allowing him to easily locate Cecilion’s position wherever he is.

Moreover, with the magnitude burst damage Natalia has, then she has a great chance to kill Cecilion in one combo. Especially if you add spell executethat’s for sure
hero mage like Cecilion can be eaten by Natalia easily.

Even so, you also need to remember that Natalia can’t be used anywhere META. Therefore, first make sure your team uses META suitable before you choose Natalia.

5. Ling


Hero last, at the same time be jungler heroes the only one that is easy to give burst damage to Cecilion, that is
Ling. One of the reasons that made Ling able to become counter What’s good for Cecilion is the amount of mobility he has which he can easily use to attack Cecilion wherever he is.

In addition, the level burst damage of Ling who has been so big since early game really support him to continue to give
pressing to Cecilion. That way, Cecilion would have a hard time gathering stackso that your team can dominate the game more easily.


1. Athena Shield

Athena Shield

To overcome hero mage with burst damage a big one like Cecilion, then Athena Shield is one of the most appropriate items for you to use. With its passive effect (Shield) which can reduce 25% magic damage from the enemy for 5 seconds, automatically create hero you guys are so thick when hit Bat Impact Cecilion’s (Skill 1).

However, you should also remember that the reduction effect damage from
Athena Shield will only last for 5 seconds, and to reactivate it, you must not be hit damage from the enemy first for 10 seconds, then after that the effect
Athena Shield will be active again.

Judging from the effect, then you have to be good at doing tug-of-war when carrying out an attack, because if you get hit, damage from Cecilion for more than 5 seconds, then Athena Shield would be of no use anymore. Therefore, hero suitable to use
Athena Shield when dealing with Cecilion that is hero with ranged attacks like marksman and magebecause both
role it can pull off attacks very easily.

2. Radiant Armor

Radiant Armor

Different from Athena Shield which requires you to do tug-of-war, Radiant Armor much more effectively used to deal with war long term when dealing with Cecilion, because this item has a passive called Holy Blessing that can give
3 – 10 magic damage reduction for 3 seconds to hero you guys, so damage from Cecilion you receive won’t be too big.

Even crazier, the passive effect of Radiant Armor it can be stack up to 6 times, so that if hero you got hit
damage from Cecilion continuously, then hero you will get even thicker. Therefore, Radiant Armor this is very suitable for use fighter heroes or tank which should always be stand by on the front lines when carrying out attacks.


That’s my discussion regarding hero & items
counter Cecilion. What do you think? is hero & items counter above has proven to be very effective for doing
counter to Cecilion? Just write your opinion in the comments column.

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Thank you


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