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Garuda Browser Pro- Feature-rich Browser, Made in the Nation

Nowadays, many Android web browser applications are equipped with many advanced features such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Uc Browser, and others. Over time, there have been many complaints from users of the web browser, ranging from slowing down of smartphone performance due to a heavy web browser, to the sudden cessation of the web browser application or not responding. These problems are certainly very disappointed smartphone users so that they will feel dissatisfied using the web browser.

It is undeniable that the use of a web browser on a smartphone has become the most important thing in human life, either to search for news or to find the latest information.

Therefore, smartphone users look for the latest information through the digital world rather than through other media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, and others.

This situation is used by software makers or software developers to compete in developing the features of their web browser software. One developer from Indonesia, namely Garuda Technology Indonesia, also did not want to be left behind, he created a fairly sophisticated web browser to use, namely Garuda Browser Pro.

By using Garuda Browser Pro, we can surf the internet more quickly and comfortably. Of course the information we get will also be useful for us. The Garuda Browser Pro developer is still continuing to develop so that its features are more complete and of course
more powerful in order to compete with other web browsers.

Garuda Browser Pro was officially launched on September 19, 2022 by a creative developer from Indonesia, namely Aris Sutiyono, a young man from Sidoarjo, East Java. Aris is a graduate of the Muhammadiyah 1 Tamanpanjang Sidoarjo High School (SMA). Garuda Browser Pro is suitable for use by all of us because this web browser is originally made by Indonesian children who are struggling in the software field.

Then, why should we use Garuda Browser Pro instead of other web browsers?
Garuda Browser Pro is a web browser or mobile site explorer that was created to make it easier for users to search for the latest information. Garuda Browser Pro also provides a friendly and simple interface so that it can provide comfort when browsing the site for users of this application. In addition, Garuda Browser Pro also has supporting features that can accommodate the needs of application users in browsing websites.

Then, what features are there in Garuda Browser Pro?
Some of the features provided by Garuda Browser Pro in finding information include:

This feature allows the browser user to choose the theme that the user likes. So, users will not easily get bored with the same look but can change the theme they like.

2.Ad block
When browsing, we will find a lot of information that we are looking for. But if at the time of opening the information an advertisement appears, of course we will feel disturbed and do not feel comfortable using the browser. However, the Garuda Browser Pro application provides a feature called Ad block which can block ads that appear while we are browsing.

3. Relatively small size
Even though it has many advanced features, Garuda Browser Pro still has a size that is quite small, which is only 4 MB, so that users who do not have an abundant quota will not be afraid to run out of quota if they want to download this application.

4.Easy to use
Garuda Browser Pro has the advantage that it is light when used to access the web. Not only that, Garuda Browser Pro also presents a Google page on its main page so that it is easy for us to access the web from Google.

This sophisticated application also provides a screenshot feature in the upper right corner of the application. With this feature, users will find it easier to document their search results and not have to bother doing screenshots manually. The screenshot will be automatically saved in the GarudaBrowser folder on the device storage.

6. Social share
This feature allows users to share information quickly without having to bother looking for the share button on the site page.

7.Safety facilities
Maximum protection will be provided by the Garuda Browser Pro application in protecting user devices from websites that contain viruses or data eavesdroppers. In addition, Garuda Browser Pro also maintains web browser privacy data so that the data is not known by other users.

8.Support AMP

AMP or what is known as Accelerated Mobile Page is a technology that makes web pages lighter and can load web pages quickly. So because Garuda Browser Pro already supports AMP, users will be able to access websites faster.

technology is only fast, AMP will make your quota many times more efficient. So you don’t need to be afraid of browsing which can drain your cellphone quota

9.Support Multiple Program Languages
The Garuda Browser Pro application supports various programming languages. So users will not worry if there are web pages that cannot appear optimally.

In addition to the above features, Garuda Browser Pro also has 18 mainstay features, namely:
2.Ad Block
3.Check Secure
5.News Updates
6.Save Web Page / Offline Page
7.Save As PDF
8.Fast Download
9.Translate Web Page
10.YouTube Trending
11. Trending Movies
12.Share Link
13.Read More
14.Incognito Browsing
15.Print Page
18.Chat with Developer

Along with the development of technology that is very fast and dynamic, smartphone users must be more vigilant in doing everything related to technology, especially the world of information.

However, with the Garuda Browser Pro application, it is guaranteed that the user’s security will be maintained. The application also has good quality and is suitable for use by anyone and do not forget that searching for information on the internet will be faster and more efficient.

Garuda Browser Pro can be obtained for free and can be downloaded easily on the Google Play Store application. It’s really recommended for users who want to explore the latest information with a simple appearance, have various features, and of course have pretty good security with only this 4 MB sized application.

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