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Follow Pro Player!, 3 Ways Pro PvP Arena Black Dessert Mobile (BDM)

Black Dessert Mobile is the newest game that was just released in 2022. This game is played by Android smartphones and has been played by millions of players. This article discusses how to become a Black Dessert Mobile pvp pro to help win the game.

Previously, Black Dessert Mobile was already very popular on PC and consoles, guys. But the developer or developer of this game wanted to increase interest and reach, so the release of Black Dessert Mobile.

There are many interesting features in this Black Dessert Mobile game. Like there is an Auto Play feature that makes it easier for you to play this game. When you are bored or take a break, you can still continue playing. You also have to look at the Pro PVP BDM method.

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How to Become a Pro PvP Black Dessert Mobile

The Arena feature in this game allows you to fight with other Black Dessert players. Pro PvP BDM, of course, you must have preparation and strategy to win this game.

1. PvP Preparation Before Entering the Arena

pro pvp Black Dessert Mobile

The first Pro PvP Black Dessert Mobile method is that you have to crosscheck again the character that you will use. In addition, make sure the items and skills that you will bring during PvP are correct and suitable. Skills that you already have a good level should be.

You can check the abilities of the Black Dessert Mobile characters that you will use. See which ones are possible to fight against enemies or other players. Such as Crowd Control, Knock Back Effect, Koncok-up and Super armor that you really have to look for.

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2. Black Dessert Mobile PvP Arena Warm-up

pro pvp Black Dessert Mobile

Before you get really serious about getting into the BDM PvP Arena, it’s a good idea to do some stretching first. To get used to the battle with the 1vs1 Friends Arena Mode. Here you can test builds, skill combinations and all other PvP without any risk.

The right timing in spending the right skills and combos is the determining factor for BDM pvp victory

Anyone can be invited and it’s free without leaving anything out. You can practice good casting and dodging. It depends on the type of character you use in Black Dessert Mobile.

For example, if you have a Warrior or a Giant, you can train hard in moving and beating your opponent. Unlike Rangers or Witchers you train for Hit and Run. Pro PVP Black Dessert Mobile.

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3. Pro PvP Black Dessert Mobile on PC

pro pvp Black Dessert Mobile

In the first stage, we might mention a little about Crowd Control, there are several CCs in Black Dessert Mobile.

  1. Stun, usually lasts no more than 1 second. Very suitable to be called a combo breaker.
  2. Knock-back, defined as pushing back. Pushing your enemies depends on the level, usually lasts quite a while.
  3. Bound is Knock-down and Knock-up.
  4. Grab, is a type that means lifting an opponent and then throwing him to the ground.
  5. Daze and Freeze, freezes the opponent or opponent does not move for 3 seconds normally. Suitable to give more damage to the opponent.

The Crowd Control effect really helps you in dealing significant damage to your enemies.

With the above CC allows you to stun your opponent. But giving the same effect will have no effect. So you have to be able to continuously switch your skills and not just stick to the same skills.

Basically, PvP is a training ground for players to maximize their strategies and skills. Keep practicing to become a Pro Black Dessert Mobile.

The final word

The latest Black Dessert Mobile game is indeed epic in its release in the game world. Players are very enthusiastic about playing this game. Having very cool graphics and great gameplay characterize this BDM.

The tutorial above is just a little education and tips from pro players who are very good at playing PvP Black Dessert Mobile. Keep the spirit.

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