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AutoWin! These are the 5 Best Tips for Counter Kenta Free Fire Characters

Kenta is the newest character in the Free Fire game who has excellent abilities in strengthening the team’s defense line. Because Kenta’s character can create a front shield that can withstand all enemy attacks from the front. So that Kenta’s character can protect his teammates well.

To create the front Shield, you must activate the Kenta character’s skill ability called Swordsman Wrath. You can also reset this ability when you fire. The presence of Kenta’s character can be an important role for a team that relies on a defensive strategy.

Well, on this occasion UPOINT.ID would like to tell you some of the best tips for countering Kenta’s character in the Free Fire game. Want to know what are the tips? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

5 Best Tips for Counter Kenta Free Fire Characters

1. Focus on Seeing Kenta’s Movement

The best tip to counter Kenta’s first character is to focus on seeing Kenta’s movements. Kenta’s character has quite aggressive movements, especially when he still hasn’t used his active skill abilities. If you manage to understand Kenta’s movements, later you will not be too difficult to deal with Kenta’s character.

It is indeed very difficult, but monitoring the movement of a player in a match is something that is quite important, so that you can easily finish off enemies during the match.

2. Attack when Kenta’s character’s shield is gone

The best tip to counter Kenta’s character next is to attack when Kenta’s shield is gone. There are several ways that can make Kenta’s character’s Shield disappear, namely the time for using the active skill is up and Kenta’s character opens fire.

You must be patient to wait and monitor the Shield of Kenta’s character abilities to disappear. If the Shield has disappeared, then you can immediately carry out continuous attacks to eliminate enemy Kenta character users.

3. Take advantage of Gloo Wall

The best tip to counter Kenta’s next character is to use Gloo Wall. Besides being able to protect the character from enemy attacks, you can also maximize the use of Gloo Wall to outwit the enemy.

In addition to having a large number of Gloo Walls, you also need to prepare yourself to do battle at close range when dealing with enemies who use the Kenta character.

Given that the Shield that is Kenta’s character’s strong defense comes from the front, then you can put up 1 or 2 Gloo Walls to outwit Kenta, so you can attack him directly from behind.

4. Use M79

The best tip to counter Kenta’s next character is to use the M79 weapon. M79 is a Grenade Launcher type weapon that can produce a very large damage area. So that M79 can be an alternative to fight Kenta’s character even though the Shield is already active.

Before attacking Kenta’s character, you should mark the fall of the M79 bullet in the lower position, so that the bullet that the M79 weapon produces can have a strong explosive effect on the enemy team, especially for Kenta character users.

5. Use Character A124

The best tip for countering Kenta’s next character is to use the A124 character. The A124 character is very suitable for dealing with a number of characters with active skill abilities, including for dealing with Kenta’s very strong character Shield. Because, A124 has an active skill called Thrill of Battle.

A124’s character’s skill ability can release an electromagnetic wave of 8 meters that can disable the activation of enemy skill abilities. So that the enemy Kenta character user cannot create a Shield to protect themselves during the fight.

Well, those are some tips that you can do to easily counter Kenta’s character. May be useful! Oh yes, if you want to top up Free Fire diamonds, you can top up Free Fire diamonds directly at UPOINT.ID.

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