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8 Hero Mobile Legends that are Easy to Get Savage

8 Mobile Legends Heroes that Easily Get Savage- Savage is when you get 5 kills in a row at one time. To get savage is not an easy thing, especially without a qualified skill. You also have to know when to attack in order to savage. In my opinion, savage is the most difficult thing to get in a match.

However, as difficult as it is to get savage, there is still a chance to get savage, as long as you pay attention to several factors. including the Hero that you use

Well, this time I want to share ML heroes who are easy to get savage. The hero selection factor also affects whether or not it is easy to get savage in ML. There are heroes who are easy/often to savage, and there are heroes who are rarely/difficult to savage. So what heroes are easy to get savage in ML?

8 Hero Mobile Legends that are Easy to Savage

so here are some heroes in mobile legends that are easy to get savage

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1). Karina

Karina is a Mage item hero assassin which in my opinion is the easiest to get savage. This hero is often a savage subscription during matches. In fact, these top global Karina heroes all have hundreds of savage numbers. If you don’t believe me, please see for yourself. Karina has advantages, namely

  1. Short cooldown if you kill your opponent
  2. Easy to run away & easy to chase enemies
  3. The damage is big
  4. Farming is fast

Now all the skills can be reduced by CD (cooldown) up to 80% if you kill your opponent. This advantage makes Karina easy to savage. When the opponent is dying, immediately use the ulti, if the enemy dies then the CD will be a few seconds, after that target the dying hero again. Use this trick during war. If you are smart to use ulti karina, you will easily get savage. However, don’t be upset if you are often insulted as “trashmen”.

Karina Combo: 3-2-1 or 3-1-2

2). Alucard

This is a hero who really depends on the pilot. This means that if the pilot is good, Alucard will OverPower. But if the pilot is a noob, Alucard will be a feeder and a burden to the team. Using Alucard is actually easy, but the difficult thing is that we have to know when we attack. If we just attack what we have we will die or the Alufeed term “jumps to death”. Alucard has advantages that can make savage easy. the advantages are

  1. Big lifesteal
  2. Big damage
  3. no where
  4. Can chase enemies automatically
  5. easy to escape with skill 1

I think Alucard’s lifesteal is the biggest among other heroes. This lifesteal is also what we will use to get savage. Because if it is combined with critical items, and 2 or more lifesteal items, I’m sure Alucard’s blood will continue to increase even though it is hit by enemy damage. However, Alucard’s weakness is when he is stunned.

Combo Alucard: 3-1-2-3 or 3-1-3-2

3). Cyclops

Cyclops or commonly called cyc is a hero mage that is different from the others. why? cyclops has characteristics like harley which can replace the role of Hero MM (but it is better if there is MM). Cyclops is an easy hero to savage because of the large damage that makes the opponent die quickly. Another advantage of CYC is

  1. Can solo lane
  2. Can farm quickly and is suitable for using spell retribution
  3. Agile and not stiff
  4. The ult can make the opponent trapped in his trap (not stun)

For those of you who want to use CYC, I suggest using lifesteal items specifically for mages. In addition, use retrieval spells and be diligent in farming so that levels and items become fast. Don’t let the gang get hit because the cyc is very weak, cooperate with your friends when you want to attack

Combo Cyclops: 3-1-2 or 3-2-1

4). Lancelot

The easy hero to get the next savage is Lancelot. Lancelot is a hero assassin who, when he was just released in ML, immediately became a subscriber to the ban on the draft pick. Before getting nerfed, the damage from Lancelot’s attack was not bearable, especially the second skill with very OP (over power) damage and large Lifesteal. But after the nerf, the second skill is not as OP as before and the lifesteal becomes small. However, if the pilot is good at farming and clear lane, it’s not impossible that Lancelot will be OP like before in nerf. Well, the advantages of Lancelot include:

  1. The damage must be big
  2. skill 1 and the ultimate can chase the enemy
  3. easy escape
  4. can remove the ultimate effect from hayabusa, harley and cyc with the second skill
  5. Fast CD

Lancelot’s second skill has a fairly large area and has great damage, besides that it can slow down the opponent’s movement. Not only that, the CD is also fast, making it suitable for fighting enemies who are clustering, plus the ultimate which also has a large area and very large damage, will make the opponent die. If it’s not dead, you can chase it with skill 1

Lancelot Combo: 2-3-1-1 or 3-2-1-1

5). Irithel

In my opinion, Irithel is the MM that hurts the most when the build is finished. Moreover, critical from irithel which is very large and makes opponents auto mokad. I used to be in a team with irithel user, the damage was up to 2000-4000 in the late game. just 2 or 3 hits is enough to make the opponent die. Of course this will make it easier for us to get savage. The advantages of irithel are:

  1. Big damage
  2. Can hit the opponent while walking
  3. The shooting range is quite far
  4. Can run away (using ulti)

If you want to use irithel, don’t forget to build critical items so that the damage is more painful. If possible, don’t fight more than 3 enemies, because they will most likely die. Ask the team for help, especially tankers so you can be safe.

Irithel Combo: 1-2-3 or

6). Fanny

Fanny is a special hero because she can fly with her rope. Even Fanny is the ideal hero of all ML players. Mobility is also very high, even able to guard 2 lines at once. To get savage using fanny is actually easy because the damage is too big, but the difficult thing is to control the hero. Fanny has several advantages that can make you savage

  1. Big damage
  2. Wide damage area
  3. Unlimited skills (but must pay attention to energy)
  4. It’s so easy to run away
  5. It’s also easy to chase opponents even though there are many
  6. Farming is fast, even fanny often dominates levels and gold during matches
  7. Victory

The most important and mandatory items in fanny are 3 types, namely lifesteal, absorb and armor + hp. If it’s like that, Fanny is ready for war. If Fanny’s item already has or already has 3 types of items, Fanny can fight 1vs5 heroes as long as there is no Crowd Control/stun hero.

However, the pilot factor is also important. Even good or not fanny 90% depends on the pilot, and the rest is build and spell. For beginners (Epic tier and below), it is recommended not to use fanny, because it is very difficult to control. For novice players, it is recommended to read the Beginner’s Special article! 10 Tips That Make You a Pro Player

Combo Fanny: 2-3-1-2 or 2-3-2 (subject to change depending on the situation)

7). Miya

The ez hero to get the next savage is Miya. Miya is an MM hero who has a high attack speed. In addition, Miya can disappear without being detected, so she can run away. If it’s late game, and the item has become miya it will become a very scary MM. Some of the advantages of Miya are:

  1. The damage must be big
  2. Attack Speed ​​is also fast
  3. It’s easy to run away, because it disappears
  4. Can attack more than two targets at once

Miya’s most important items are lifesteal and attack speed. If you want it spicier and easier to get savage, don’t forget to buy critical items. Like mm in general, Miya is not strong if she has to attack herself. Ask your team for help, especially tanks so you don’t die quickly.

Miya combo: 2-3-1

8). Roger

Roger is definitely included in the list of ml heroes who are easy to get savage. Why? in my opinion, roger is the strongest fighter hero in ML. Roger has the uniqueness of being able to be an MM and can be a fighter. So that when Roger becomes MM, he will be able to play it safe. Roger’s strengths are:

  1. Big damage
  2. Attack speed is fast
  3. Easy to run away
  4. It’s easy to chase enemies, especially those who are dying
  5. Fighter but can be MM (but not suitable to replace the original MM role)

Roger’s most important item, just like Miya. Namely Lifesteal, attack speed and critical. If the three items are ready, the damage will be very painful. In fact, according to the cave the hero who sickest when the late game is roger. Roger in the late game can fight more than 3 heroes, as long as the enemy doesn’t have a stun hero. Use the inspire/fury spell so that the attack speed is really fast, so you can fight more than 3 heroes. So, if someone uses Roger on your team, try to pamper him with lots of forest monsters and minions so that items can be made quickly (but if Roger looks like a noob, don’t be spoiled). If you can bring it to the late game so that the match can be controlled by your team.

Combo Roger: 2-1 (third skill to escape or chase the enemy)

Important!! All the heroes above, of course, also depend on the pilot factor, aka if the pilot is good, it’s easy to get savage. In addition, you also have to dominate the level and gold. If your level and gold are low, it will be difficult or even impossible to get savage. Well, those are 8 heroes that are often/easy to get savage. Don’t forget to share this article because you can spread the benefits to other people.

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