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6 Ways to Overcome PUBG Mobile Lag on the Latest IPhone (iOS)

Hello guys this time want to share with you iPhone users, how do you reduce or overcome lag when playing PUBG Mobile?

You must also know that PUBG is a pretty heavy game. So that the problem of lag, broken or dropped fps often hits your cellphone, and iPhone is no exception

Lag is a very common problem that occurs when you force a heavy game to run on a cellphone whose specs are not supported, or the specs are already supported but there are several factors that cause lag

Well, I have discussed the general discussion about PUBG lag at length in the article 14+ How to Overcome PUBG Lag, but this time we will be more specific to the iPhone.

6 Ways to Overcome IPhone Lag Playing PUBG Mobile

For those of you iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or even iPhone 7, if you feel lag, you can read the following tutorial. Maybe there are some things on your cellphone that need to be optimized so that PUBG Mobile will feel smoother

1. Restart – Overcome Lag on iOS the Easiest

restart ios fix pubg lag

One of the fastest ways to reduce lag in PUBG is to restart your iPhone. In this way, the cache on your cellphone will be clean. so that your iPhone will be fresher and ready to play PUBG Mobile

How to restart is very easy, you press and hold the sleep/wake button and slide switch on your iPhone screen to turn it off. If it’s already dead, you press and hold the sleep/wake button so that the Apple logo will appear

2. Update PUBG to avoid bugs, lags, etc

pubg iphone update lag

If there is a notification, you should immediately update this PUBG game because a bug that might cause your iPhone to lag, can be resolved by updating.

In addition, by updating this game, you will experience the new features presented by the PUBG game developer. So that the game will be more exciting and interesting

3. Use the lowest Graphic Settings

pubg graphics

A very common thing and is widely known by every gamer, that the higher the graphics level, the heavier the game will be. Just like in this PUBG Mobile game, the better the graphics options, the heavier it is

The most recommended setting is “smooth”, because with this setting, the PUBG game will feel lighter.

Now this can also reduce the risk of PUBG Lag when there are enemies. so this can help you during war

4. Turn off the background app

iphone app backgrounds

Now without you realizing that on your iPhone there are also applications running in the background, so that it can burden your cellphone’s performance when playing PUBG Mobile. Also, apps running in the background can drain your battery

So to turn it off, you open it settingsclick generalthen go to background app refresh and turn off the application you want. If you want it better, you can turn it off completely

5. Install Game Booster App

pubg iphone game booster

In the apple store, you can find lots of game booster applications. So this type of PUBG anti-lag application can help you improve the performance of your iPhone. so that the performance of your iPhone will be focused on the PUBG game only

6. Delete unused apps

deleting iphone apps

Often we forget that there are applications that we used to install, are now rarely used. Now, this unused application turns out to have an effect on the iPhone’s performance in running PUBG

So my advice is that you uninstall applications that are no longer used so that they don’t burden the system, such as when running in the background. In addition to increasing iPhone performance, your memory is also more relieved by deleting these unused applications

So, those are some ways to overcome iPhone lag when playing PUBG Mobile. If you feel the lag is not reduced / resolved, it could be that your iPhone specs are inadequate. so it’s better to just buy HP next time

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