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5 Ways to Stabilize Android Online Game Ping So It Doesn't Lag

5 ways to stabilize android online game ping– Lately online games are in great demand by gamers around the world. It’s nothing, but it feels like playing online games will be more exciting than offline games, because we can play with other people remotely.

For example, Mobile Legends, AOV, Crisis Action, Free fire, vainglory etc. Especially the mobile legends game which is in great demand by Indonesians, so it has an impact on bad servers. This causes Mobile Legends to lag in certain situations.

I’m sure it’s not only Mobile legends that lags, but other online games must often experience lag as well. Which is due to unstable and high ping

Before going into the discussion on how to ping stable online games on Android. Let’s look at the meaning of ping in online games, so that you understand the contents of this article

What is Ping? The meaning of ping is, Gopher Internet Packet. The way it works is, we send and receive data to a server so that the internet connection can be stable

So ping in online games plays an important role in whether or not an online game lags. The smaller the ping size, the better the connection will be.

How to Stabilize Online Game Ping

To stabilize online game ping is very easy, you can follow the steps below. But, don’t forget to leave a trail in the form of your comments.

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1. Using Ping Tools Pro

stabilize online game connection

This is not an application to speed up the connection of android online games, but this is an application to keep the internet stable when playing online games. This application works by receiving and sending data to a server to keep the connection stable.

It is recommended for you to follow this step. Because your problem can most likely be solved with this step. Well, I’ll give you all the ways, so that you understand better. But first download the application at the link below

Download Ping Tools Pro

How to set ping tools pro? It’s easy, you can follow the steps with the picture above

2. Use the Best Simcard

how to stabilize online game ping

Stable or not a ping is influenced by the quality of the sim card connection. If you use a simcard with a bad connection, the online game will automatically lag.

A good simcard doesn’t have to be an expensive package. You just have to play an analysis in your area, if you already know the situation, you will get a good connection. That is, you must know the availability and state of the simcard connection connection in your area.

it’s useless to use a sim card with an expensive package, if in your area there are also many who use the sim card. So the quality of the connection will decrease. For more details, please read on 5 Tricks to Choose the Best Simcard & Anti Lag For Mobile Legends

Even though it’s about mobile legends, this trick can also be applied to all online games.

3. Use Indonesian Server In Game (if any)

asian server ping game stable

Some online games that cover the whole world usually have several servers spread out. For example the game Rules of Survival which has several servers (eg Asia, Europe, America).

So if in the game there is a choice of Indonesian servers, just choose it. If not, select an Asian server. That way, the distance between you and the server location can be closer, so that it will reduce lag, even eliminate lag.

4. Use Wifi

slow online game connection

If you feel lag when using data, try using wifi. On average, wifi has a fast and stable connection, if used for only a few people. so it is highly recommended to use wifi

But there are some wifi connections that are not stable. So how do you stabilize the wifi ping? actually easy, if you have wifi but no password, then all you have to do is use a password so that only you are using the wifi.

5. Don’t Use a VPN

red online game ping

The thing to avoid in playing online games is to use a VPN. Actually it’s okay to use a VPN, because in some games like Mobile Legends, VPNs provide a lot of benefits.

but unfortunately, VPNs can make pings up and even unstable. So avoid using a VPN when playing games so that the ping of online games gets smaller.

Well, that’s how to stabilize the ping of android games. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the form of a comment.

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