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5 Steps to Play PS1 Games on Android + Game Recommendations

Play PS1 on AndroidPlaystation 1 or PS1 is a console made by Sony Entertainment which was released in the 90s. Immediately after the release the PS1 became a popular console at the time. However, over time, PS1 began to be replaced by new consoles PS2, PS3, to the latest PS4 from Sony. However, the game atmosphere produced by PS1 cannot be replaced by other consoles.

In fact, many people want to feel the nostalgia of playing PS1 games again. But, unfortunately now the PS1 is almost nowhere to be found. Recently, the market has been surprised by the PSX, the new PS1 console with a very small size, almost as big as an Android phone. Unfortunately, the price offered to buy a PSX is very expensive, almost close to 2 million.

But, no need to worry, because now you can play PS1 games on Android. To play PS1 games you can use the PS1 ePSXe emulator on Android. Curious how?

Here’s how to install and play PS1 games on Android.

Guide to Playing PS1 Games on Android

you can play PS1 games on Android easily. Especially considering the PS1 specifications are lower than the PS2, of course you can play any PS1 game without fear of lag or other problems. Here’s how to install and play PS1 on Android.

If you want to play PS1 games on Android, you have to do several installation steps, see the following.

1. Download and Install PS1 Emulator on Android

download epsxe emulator ps1

Before playing PS1 games on Android, like other game consoles, you must install an emulator that will run PS1 games. Actually, there are several PS1 emulators released for Android devices. Everything is proven to be able to run PS1 games smoothly and smoothly.

However, in terms of the controls and UI used, the best emulator and highly recommended for playing PS1 games is ePSXe.

Moreover, many PS1 emulators if run require root access on Android. Therefore, to get the experience of playing PS1 games easily and not complicated, you can try the ePSXe emulator.

After downloading the ePSXe emulator, you can directly install or install the .apk file.

2. Download and Install PS1 Bios on Android

After the PS1 emulator is installed on your Android, you have to download the PS1 bios file first.

If it has been downloaded, you can directly install the bios in the following way.

  • After downloading the bios file, you can move it to the Internal/ePSXe/Bios/ folder here
  • Open the ePSXe emulator that you have installed on Android, then select Run Bios.
  • Wait for the configuration to complete.
bios ps1 android

3. Download PS1 ROM or Games files

You can download PS1 ROMs or game files at the recommended PSP ROM download sites.

Why there?

Because most of the recommended sites, apart from providing PSP game ROMs, the above sites also provide ROMs from other consoles, one of which is PS1.

Don’t forget, after you download the PS1 ROM file, you extract the file using ZArchiver or other file extraction applications. Because the ePSXe emulator cannot read files in Archive form. So it must be extracted first.

Notes!!: now you can download PS1 games in the article 250+ Download the best PS1 iso games

4. Open the ePSXe emulator on your Android.

The first step to play PS1 games, you reopen the ePSXe emulator that you have installed and install the Bios.

5. Select Run Game

best android ps1 games

Once opened, you select run the game, and wait for the emulator to scan the PS1 ISO file on your Android device. If so, a PS1 ISO file that is supported by the ePSXe emulator will appear. If you want to play it, just press the game file, and you can play PS1 games.

Now you can easily play PS1 games on Android.

Play PS1 Games on Android

Best PS1 Game Recommendations

For those of you who are just looking to install a PS1 emulator on your Android, you might be confused about which PS1 game to play. Well, in this section, we will also share with you the recommendations for the best PS1 games

1. Crash Bandicoot

maybe your childhood ever played this game? looks like you are already familiar with this Crash Bandicoot game. This game is an exciting, tense and challenging 3D game because the mission is quite annoying

The mission in this game is that you have to save the crash’s girlfriend, Tawna. You have to pass 3 islands to reach it. On each of these islands, you will be presented with exciting and challenging missions

2. Tekken 3

For those of you who like fighting games on PS1, you must download and play this Tekken 3 game. This game is one of the best fighting games on PS1

Starting from the battle background, sound effects, visual effects and very free controls, this makes Tekken 3 very exciting and challenging.

3. CTR – Crash team racing

do you like ps1 racing games? well this one game you really must try. This game that is in great demand presents the excitement of playing races with strong enemies

The name of the game is CTR (crash racing team). Here you can not only race regular races, but also attack opponents with various weapons. So every race will be more and more exciting and there will certainly be a lot of podium shifts

4. Jackie Chan Stuntmaster

Jackie chan game offers very exciting gameplay. You are free to control the characters in the game freely. Want to jump, forward, backward, attack etc. all control is in your hands

it is because of the freedom of control that this game becomes very exciting, coupled with the presence of enemies and the setting of a tense place.

5. Digimon World 3

Offering an exciting storyline, you must try this game too. Digimon world 3 is a fantasy game that is similar to pokemon. You guys here will have digimon monsters that you can fight with each other

How easy is it not to play PS1 games on Android? If you experience problems and suggestions, leave your trail in the comments column below.

So, good luck.

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