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5 best PPSSPP iso War Games Small Size 2022

ppsspp war games – There are so many games out there that carry the theme of war, various developers release many kinds of war game titles, because in fact games with this theme are the favorites of gamers. Moreover, games with this theme present many action scenes that use firearms.

As when we watch action films with lots of shooting scenes, we must think and imagine that those who act have many opportunities and opportunities, as well as cool abilities. Everyone is trying to make our image come true by playing games, because it’s not possible to find problems by abusing firearms in real life?

The following is the following: the PPSSPP War Game references:

5 Best PPSSPP iso War Games

Here is a collection of the best PPSSPP War Games that you can play at home with your cellphone without fear of bad internet disturbances because all the recommended games can be played offline.

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1. Medal of Honor : Heroes

Medal of Honor : Heroes

The game, which was released by EA Game in 2006, is set in Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Game FPS (First Person Shooter) Medal of Honor: Heroes has 3 main characters who will be the leader in each different mission.

Missions in the game include everything from saotage, infiltration missions, to capture intel, and kill several enemies. Each mission has its own level of difficulty which adds to the excitement of the gameplay. That’s one of the recommendations of 5 PPSSPP War Games. You can download it using the link below, don’t forget the password: RetroKnight.

2. COD – Road to Victory

COD - Road to Victory

Set in the battlefields of World War II, with a tense atmosphere and filled with danger, players will take on the role of soldiers who are involved in various missions in wars in America, Canada, and England. Like other First Person Shooter (FPS) games, this game is intense with shooting action and explosive sounds. There are about 10 soldiers who will be the main characters who carry out missions on the battlefield.

3. Brother In Arms : D-Day

Brothers In Arms : D-Day

Released by a well-known game company, Ubisoft, this game is included in the recommendations for 5 PPSSPP War Games. Slightly different from other FPS game themes, the gameplay of Game Brother In Arms: D-Day focuses on players directing an army to surround enemy troops using direct attack methods, which can be called the guerrilla warfare method. The story of this game is inspired by the story in the real world during World War II, more precisely in the Normandy Meeting on June 6, 1944.

4. Ghost Recon Predator

Ghost Recon Predator

Once again, games released by Ubisoft indicate that war-themed games are selling well, so publishers dare to release various games with the same theme with different titles. The gameplay is very unique if the FPS game generally players play 1 character as the main character, in this Ghost Recon Predator Game you can use 3 different characters in one game, and freely switch characters from one character to another. the three of them are a special forces squad named Ghost. This unique gameplay makes it one of the best PPSSPP War Games.

5. Resistance : Retribution

Resistance : Retribution war game ppsspp

Sony Computer Entertainment did not want to lose and missed the war game hype, by releasing a game called Resistance: Retribution. The main character of this game is named James Grayson or often called Jimmy in the game.

Jimmy is the main protagonist who hates Chimera, an alien race who is the main enemy of Game Resistance: Retribution. Jimmy hates the Chimera because his long lost brother, Johnny Grayson, is turned into a Chimera. This hatred led him to destroy approximately 26 Chimeran Conversion Centers.

In general, war games are inspired by war in the real world, this game is different and interesting because it tells about war with aliens. That’s why this game is part of the PPSSPP War Game. Those of you who are curious about the exciting story can download the game with the link below:

That’s the PPSSPP War Game that you must try, you can realize your imagination in the game as a hero who has various opportunities to win by using a variety of firearms, which of course is impossible for you to realize in the real world unless you become a soldier who goes directly to the battlefield to maintain peace with various potential dangers lurking.

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