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The best 10 Offlaner Mobile Legends heroes last 1 vs 1 season 22

What is an offlaner? so offlaner is one of the roles in mobile legends whose job is to keep the exp lane. Usually the exp lane will be filled with 1 or 2 enemies. so you need a strong offlaner hero for 1 vs 1 but not easy to die

the job of this offlaner is to keep the lane and increase exp quickly. so that later during the war, this offlaner hero will give additional sick damage.

Well this time I will share some good and strong offlaner heroes to keep the exp lane. However, you need to know that being an offlaner is also quite difficult, it takes skill and intelligence so that you can survive and excel in this line.

Best Offlaner Hero in Mobile Legends

Moonton as a Mobile Legends developer, he will definitely give special abilities to the heroes he releases, especially for Offliners, there are also the best heroes, you know. However, offliners are usually dominated by only two roles, namely Assassin and Fighter. Here are the best offlaner heroes in mobile legends.

Other Mobile Legends Heroes…

1. Masha

the best offlaner hurts ml

Masha is one of the best Offliners in Mobile Legends, this is supported by her passive skill that adds HP up to x3, so you no longer need to recall to enemy bases, because you can regenerate your HP without needing a recall.

The best spell you can use is arival. This serves to keep the turrent safe when you are roaming or war.

In addition, Masha has another advantage as the best offliner. Masha has a fast movement speed, this is of course very useful for roaming or stealing enemy jungle quickly. In addition, the Jungle Items that you buy at the beginning of the game will make Masha clean up creeps and jungle monsters faster.

2. Hayabusa

best mobile legends hero this season

Hayabusa becomes Best Assassin Hero to be offliner. First, make sure to use jungle and retribution items at the beginning of the game. This will help you quickly to clear creeps in the lane.

The thing that is the strength of Hayabusa is his Ultimate Skill Swadow Kill which can be used to quickly clean a group of creeps. And move places with Quad Shadow so you won’t be hit by enemy attacks.

3. Fanny

offlaner ml

It is common for Fanny to become an Offliner in Top Lane, yes of course because this hero can fly fast. Fanny can kill enemies instantly and clear creeps quickly. In addition, Fanny can even easily steal the jungle in enemy territory.

Fanny can also easily roam to Midlaner when your team is gangking and it will be easy to join the war to help the team, and return to Top Lane.

4. Ling

build hero offlaner

Besides Fanny, the easy roaming hero is Ling.
The reason is, Ling has a unique skill that can climb walls and jump quickly, even if you say. Ling will be faster to clear two lanes at once than Fanny.

But unfortunately, in Meta right now Ling is too OP and is often banned by most players in the rankings. This is what makes Ling the number 4 best Offliner Hero in the version of

5. Leomord

best offlaner ml

On the side of fighter heroes who don’t want to lose to Assassin, Sealin Masha fighter heroes like Leomord are also very good to be Offliner. Yep Leomord is a very strong fighter hero, especially with his Ultimate which summons horses, he can easily chase and mess with enemies.

Leomord can defend against two people at once, that’s why this hero is perfect for being an Offliner.

6. Aldous

offlaner's strongest hero

Aldous is the best Hero Fighter to be used as the next Offliner, Don’t get me wrong because the Ultimate can fly and beat the enemy. Aldous is suitable to be used as an offliner.

The recommended spell for Aldous is Sprint, where he can run fast to catch the enemy when he is already in Saitama Mode. With just one hit, it will immediately knock out the enemy

7. Terizla

How to be the best Offlaner

Terizla became the next best fighter hero, with his ability to defend himself even against two people at once. Terizla is suitable to be used as an Offliner.

Terizla is also able to enter the enemy jungle area and make threats when they are farming. Yes, in the early game, Terizla is already immune to attacks and hard to beat.

8. Alpha

hero offlaner mobile legends

This hero is often underestimated by many Mobile Legends players. I don’t know what the problem is. But you know. If the App is very suitable to be made Offliner?

Yes, Apla is a strong fighter hero, even his Lifesteal is crazy. With just one skill attack, it’s enough to fill your thin HP bar. Do not believe ? Just try it.

9. Martis

hero offlaner ml is sick

Martis is a fighter hero who was OP when it was first released, this hero was booming at the time.

Martis can be used as an Offliner well. As a fighter, he can also withstand the attacks of 2 enemies at once, besides that with his skill abilities he can easily overcome creeps quickly.

10. Chou

How to be the best Offlaner

Anyone knows the greatness of Chou. Yes, this hero really sucks with his skills, he can get the enemy into the enemy’s defense and kidnap the enemy he deems dangerous.

Chou can even withstand attacks from 3 heroes thanks to his immunity and skills. No wonder you can make this one hero as the best offliner in the current season.

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