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5 Best Hero Combo Skill Angela Mobile Legends

Angela is one of the Mobile Legends Support heroes who have special healing abilities to help her teammates. Angela is very useful for the team in providing cover because she can slow down enemies through her 2nd skill called Puppet-on-a-String.

In addition to causing a Slow effect, Angela also has the ultimate skill ( Heartguard ) which can enter a teammate's body to provide a large Shield effect. Of course, Angela can be the deadliest support hero.

On this occasion, we want to tell you some of the best heroes to do Combo Skills with Angela. What are the lists of Angela's best Combo Skill heroes? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

5 Best Hero Combo Skill Angela Mobile Legends

1. Aulus

The first best hero suitable for Combo Skill with Angela is Aulus, because Angela's hero can make Aulus's defense stronger with the help of the Shield effect of his ultimate skill . Aulus is one of the best late game heroes who has a very deadly basic attack for the opposing team.

In addition to his deadly basic attack , Aulus also has a very high level of running speed. Of course, the Combo Skill between Angela's hero and Aulus will not be defeated, even the two heroes are able to face all opponents easily.

2. Lancelot

The next best hero to do Combo Skill with Angela is Lancelot. The Assassin Hero has a skill set with a high level of mobility, one of which is Lancelot's skill 1 ( Puncture ) which can charge endlessly, if you hit different targets.

If Angela manages to enter Lancelot's body, then you don't have to worry about being killed when Lancelot dives into the tower to destroy the enemy's defenses. Because Angela's ultimate skill can provide a large Shield to protect Lancelot from various types of attacks.

3. Ling

The next best hero to do Combo Skill with Angela is Ling. As an Assassin hero, Ling can produce great damage when entering the early game and late game phases . Even though Ling can do a lot of damage to the opponent, but he has a fairly weak defense.

But don't worry, you can anticipate these shortcomings by using Angela's ultimate skill which is ready to provide heal and Shield effects. In addition to protecting Ling, Angela can also issue skills 1 and 2 to slow and immobilize the opponent.

4. Esmeralda

The next best hero to do Combo Skill with Angela is Esmeralda who is famous for having very strong defense. Because Esmeralda's skill 1 ( Frostmoon Shield ) can provide a large number of additional Shields and can also increase her Movement Speed .

The Combo Skill between Angela's and Esmeralda's heroes is able to provide a double Shield which can make the defenses of the two heroes stronger and more deadly. So that the opposing team will find it difficult to finish off Angela and Esmeralda when doing a team fight.

5. Aldous

The last hero you can use to do Combo Skills with Angela is Aldous. As a Mobile Legends player, of course you already know that Aldous is the best Stack hero that can produce very large damage , if the Stack is full.

In addition to having a deadly Stack , Aldous is also a hero who has the best Shield . If Angela enters Aldous's body, the hero Adous will have a very thick Shield. So that the opposing team cannot easily penetrate Angela and Aldous' defenses.

Well, those are some of the best heroes to do Combo Skills with Angela. Hope it is useful! 


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