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4 Latest Free Fire HP VIVO Auto Headshot Sensitivity

The sensitivity of FF Hp Vivo Auto headshot – playing free fire cannot be separated from the sensitivity setting. This is because good settings can determine your comfort and skills in playing free fire. It could be that if you use the right sensitivity setting, your skills will increase and the auto headshot & booyah ratio will be higher too

Every pro player must have their own sensitivity. And if the sensitivity is changed significantly, it could be that the skill will drop drastically. But it’s not because of the magic of sensitivity huh, but because of the convenience of sensitivity + hard work in training

In the article 15+ Free Fire Sensitivity Settings, I have explained many things about sensitivity settings and also a collection of sensitivity settings. Well this time we will discuss more specifically the sensitivity setting of Free fire for VIVO

HP Vivo Auto Headshot Sensitivity Settings

In Indonesia, there are a lot of Vivo HP users to use to play free fire. This is because in terms of price, HP vivo is quite pocket-friendly and has reliable performance & cameras. So for a vivo cellphone at a price of 2 million, it is enough to play Free fire & the image quality is also reliable. So it’s not surprising that many people buy it

Well, because there are many FF players who play on Vivo HP. For that I will give the settings sensitivity FF Vivo cellphone that is comfortable for you

some suitable vivo cellphones using the settings below later

  • Y91 / Y91C
  • Y93
  • Y95
  • V7 / V7+
  • Y53

As for HP vivo like Y12Y19, Y93, Y15, V5S, S1, Y71, Z1, Y83 etc you can use the sensitivity setting, some are right for you, some have to be changed a little bit, adjust to your comfort

Remember, whatever your cellphone type, you can definitely use the Vivo HP Free Fire sensitivity setting, but what must be underlined is how hard you adapt to this sensitivity and practice for easy headshot / auto headshot

1. Sensitivity FF HP Vivo Y91/ Y91C, Y93, Y95

FF auto headshot sensitivity setting
  • Look around: 86
  • Red Dot Sight: 84
  • 2x Scope: 79
  • 4x Scope: 90
  • AWM Scope: 0

a little info for you guys that Vivo Y91/ Y91C, Y93, Y95 have the same screen size 6.22 inches with screen resolution 1520 x 720 pixels. If your cellphones are similar, try using this sensitivity setting, who knows?

However, it is possible that you may not match the vivo sensitivity above because your “sensitivity characteristics” are more comfortable at low settings (below 40).

but if you both have the characteristics of medium / high sensitivity. this is likely to make you more overpowered, auto headshot and more agile. Just try setting the auto headshot sensitivity of this vivo cellphone

2. FF sensitivity for HP Vivo V7/ V7+

hp vivo headshot sensitivity settings
  • Look around: 100
  • Red Dot Sight: 80
  • 2x Scope: 80
  • 4x Scope: 90
  • AWM Scope: 0

The sensitivity of the auto headshot is similar to the sensitivity above. This sensitivity is very suitable for those of you who like high sensitivity characteristics. So that with this high sensitivity you can be more agile and hand movements don’t need to swipe too long

3. HP Vivo sensitivity settings (General)

ff auto headshot sensitivity setting hp vivo
  • Look around: 78
  • Red Dot Sight: 64
  • 2x Scope: 81
  • 4x Scope: 87
  • AWM Scope: 50

As we know that vivo y53 has a screen 5 inch. For those of you whose cellphones are similar, you can try which setting is right. Because the screen size is the same / almost the same, then every swipe / swap that you do when playing in Free fire will be more pass because of the sensitivity

4. Vivo Y71 Auto Headshot Sensitivity

vivo auto headshot sensitivity
  • Look Around: 64
  • Red Dot Sight: 76
  • 2x scoop: 85
  • 4x scoop: 72
  • AWM Scope: 10

This Vivo Y71 cellphone carries a 6-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 × 720 pixels. For those of you who have a screen with such an area and resolution, you must try one of the auto headshot sensitivities of this Vivo cellphone.

Here’s a Video Usage & Source Setting sensitivity HP Vivo by Raul Gaming

Tips for playing Free fire

After you set the sensitivity, the next most important thing is the adjustment / adaptation stage to these settings. At the beginning of the game, you might feel a little uncomfortable because you are using new settings

As time goes by and you practice a lot, you will get used to it and your pure skills will begin to show. So what if you’ve been practicing but how come it doesn’t feel like a pro? Well, it could be that the sensitivity you are using is not suitable / uncomfortable. yes, the solution is to find another more comfortable free fire sensitivity

to support your skills in the game, there are some tips that you can try: 4 Ways of Headshot in Free fire

continue the previous one, if you think the sensitivity setting that I have shared earlier is not right. You can try something else

Other sensitivity settings

The final word

So that’s a collection of sensitivity settings that you can try to play Free fire on your VIVO cellphone. You need to remember that sensitivity really has an impact on your skills. The best sensitivity is the most comfortable for you. So even though the settings above match your cellphone, it doesn’t necessarily match your characteristics

So you can look for the sensitivity of Free Fire by type of cellphone, but remember, and don’t forget that comfort is the number 1 thing (but discomfort doesn’t mean bad, you can also just need practice and adaptation). That’s all, hope it’s useful, share yaa

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