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3 Ways to overcome Lag when using VPN on mobile legends

How to overcome Lag when using a VPN on mobile legends– Many of you come here because of the lag when playing mobile legends with a VPN, right?

ha ha ha. you must use a VPN because you want to meet a noob opponent, eh, when the match feels lag. Of course your game will be disrupted and your skills to become a pilot for heroes will decrease, aka being a bit noob.

Lag when using a VPN on Mobile legends is normal. Everyone who uses a VPN to play mobile legends, must have experienced it too.

Lag when using a VPN is caused because we have to connect to a foreign server, then from the foreign server it is just transferred to the mobile legends server. So there is a slight bend in the data flow so that if the connection is not good it can cause lag. So, the solution can be read below

according to here are some ways you can do to overcome VPN lag in Mobile Legends

1. Use a Good Connection

Besides being able to overcome lag on the VPN, using a good connection can also speed up loading when logging into Mobile Legend when using a VPN. Because many complain that the loading is long and doesn’t even work.

So use a good connection. A good connection in a sense, quite fast and stable. But this first method sometimes still lags

Well, if you have a fast connection, but it’s not stable. You can stabilize it with the Ping Tools Pro application. So the connection will be more stable. You can download it at the following link

Download Ping Tools Pro

For how to use it is very easy, you can follow the picture below

vpn mobile legends lag

2. Turn off VPN

The real purpose of vpn is so that we can find easy opponents in other countries with a VPN. Yes, that’s the only goal, so that when the match starts, the VPN is no longer used

A VPN that is still active and then used until the match will cause a lag. okay that’s why just turn off the VPN when the match starts

  1. Push Home button / recent apps then open VPN
  2. Turn off connection VPN his
  3. Push recent apps then open mobile legends
  4. wait a few moments for the data connection to adjust the game
  5. if it still lags, you can turn off mobile datathen turn it on again

Yes, I’m sorry, it’s okay for at least 1 minute. Again, back to the game later. Now when we turn off the VPN, the flow of sending and receiving data from our cellphones to the Mobile legends server automatically does not experience bending (caused by VPN). so that there are no obstacles that make lag (aka smooth)

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3. Change VPN App

Each VPN application has a different quality. VPN A can be smooth, VPN B is not necessarily smooth too. To choose the best VPN, you should look for a user that is rather low because the server is not too full

for ML you should not use turbo VPN because it is already crowded with other ML players

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Now that’s the way to overcome the lag due to vpn in Mobile legends.

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