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3 Free Fire BNL Sensitivity Settings + Newest DPI 2022 Settings

Sensitivity settings are an important part of the Free fire game. Sensitivity can affect comfort and can improve your skills to play free fire if you are diligent in training. One of the best FF sensitivity settings is by player BNL, his god shotgun M1014. This setting is often called the BNL sensitivity setting

Now, this sensitivity is widely followed or used by Free fire games. Why? because this BNL sensitivity setting is made in such a way to help you make it easier for headshots in free fire

Because this Free fire setting is much awaited, many are looking for the most updated, so I will share with you the settings.

BNL Sensitivity Settings on Free Fire

The setting this time is a bit different from the others. Why? here we need to set the DPI on the HP. Then combined with the sensitivity setting, and the result will be easy headshot

1. DPI settings

This setting is outside the free fire application. More precisely, it is in your HP settings. Every cellphone has a different DPI setting, so this time we will make it 600 so that it’s easier to play Free fire

The method,

  1. Entered into Arrangement
  2. Open About Phone
  3. Choose Software Information
  4. Well press 7x In section Version Number / Build Numberand there will be a notification that you activated developer options
  5. Then press back
  6. then in the main menu settings, there will be writing Developer options, then enter, and scroll down.
  7. Now the setting is 600 in the minimum width / smallest width. see picture below

don’t mess with the settings, you should just use 600 so that there are no errors or unwanted things

2. Sensitivity Settings

I make sure this BNL sensitivity setting is the latest in 2022. So don’t hesitate to use it. Here I also have 3 versions of BNL’s free fire sensitivity settings. You just have to choose which one is the most comfortable for you

For those of you who want other best sensitivity settings, you can read the following article

FF Sensitivity Setting (A)

sensitivity setting ff bnl
  • look around : 100
  • Red Dot Sight : 100
  • 2x scope : 70
  • 4x scope : 60
  • AWM scope : 50

FF Sensitivity Setting (B)

sensitivity bnl free fire
  • look around : 60
  • Red Dot Sight : 60
  • 2x scope : 40
  • 4x scope : 40
  • AWM scope : 5

FF Sensitivity Setting (C)

sensitivity setting bnl
  • look around : 90
  • Red Dot Sight : 80
  • 2x scope : 70
  • 4x scope : 80
  • AWM scope : 50

*This setting (C) was slightly edited for convenience

In addition, here I include BNL Gameplay that will make you amazed and envious to see it hehehe. Jump straight to minute 2 to get straight into the gameplay

So that’s the sensitivity setting of the latest BNL from the global top m1014 + its DPI setting. Of course, you have to keep practicing so that you can adjust and play even more steadily.

Besides that, you should also imitate the playing style of BNL to be more pro and auto headshot. That’s all, thank you

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