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3 Effective Ways to Overcome Long Loading on Free Fire

In addition to lag in free fire, long loading in free fire really makes us a bit lazy when we open this game. There are many reasons for this loading, there are several factors that make the free fire game take a long time to load

So this time, we will share with you how to deal with long loading in free fire effectively. so that if you hang out, you won’t be too embarrassed because of the long loading

Causes of long loading on Free Fire

  1. Connection, is something that you must check when it takes a long time to load. Yes, this connection also really determines how fast this game is loading
  2. The cache that accumulates, the longer we play free fire, the more cache or garbage that accumulates too. so sometimes it causes problems like loading
  3. Other factors, besides the 2 factors above, there must be factors that make this problem

3 Ways to Overcome Long loading on Free Fire

To overcome the long loading in free fire is very easy and not complicated. you don’t need to use other apps too

Now, let’s go straight to the discussion.

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1.Check connection

How to Overcome a Weak Signal

as I explained above that when loading old free fire, the first thing you have to check is the connection section. Make sure the connection you are using is stable and fast

pay attention to the area where you play free fire. network quality varies from region to region. besides that the simcard provider is also influential. make sure to use the best simcard in your area, okay?

well besides that, if you want a better connection, you can use quality wifi. guaranteed loading will be fast

supporting article : How to Stabilize Free Fire Connection

2. Clear Cache

Garbage that accumulates can be one of the factors for long free fire loading. so the way to solve it is to delete the free fire application cache

By removing it, it is hoped that the slow loading problem will be resolved easily. if you have cleared the cache, please restart HP then reopen the free fire game

The method

  • Entered into Settingsselect manage apps
  • Click game free fire, then select storage
  • click clear cache

3. Uninstall & reinstall

free fire starting

If the two methods above can’t solve the loading stuck problem, now I’ll give you the most effective solution

By uninstalling and reinstalling the free fire game, it will make free fire just like before, aka still fresh. but you also have to delete data so that it is really resolved

The method

  • entered into Settingsthen select manage apps
  • select free fire
  • clear data first. This is important and must be done
  • then click uninstall
  • Next, you reinstall the free fire game, whether you want to ask a friend to share it or download it Free fire on google play

Well, this third method is certainly very effective because it has been proven and tested on HP. so data and other factors that make free fire long loading will be deleted. so when you install the free fire game again, it will load fast

please try it, good luck

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