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2 Free Fire Sensitivity Settings [FRONTAL GAMING] latest & original

Yesterday I discussed in detail about sensitivity in the article Setting sensitivity of Free Fire Auto headshot, there are settings for hp oppo, xiaomi, vivo etc. there are also settings from pro players such as BNL, Frontal gaming, Wawan MKS etc.

So in this article, we will focus on the discussion or the main topic, namely the sensitivity settings used by Frontal Gaming.

You must already know Frontal Gaming, right, he is one of the pro players in Free Fire who is also a YouTuber with millions of subscribers and millions of loyal viewers too.

Now, the game from the frontal game is indeed worthy of our thumbs up, because the enemy can be easily crushed. Of course he’s a pro like that because of hard training and also using legal tricks, for example using sensitivity settings

Latest FF Frontal Gaming Sensitivity Settings

indeed the sensitivity setting is very influential in the matter of aiming at the enemy so that it is right on target so that it can headshot easily. the use of sensitivity settings that have been honed and trained will also bring you to booyah easily. of course you can also add color to your skills by watching pro players play

Now, let’s go straight to the topic of discussion, namely setting sensitivity as used by Frontal Gaming. so how’s the setting?

1. Sensitivity settings

as we know that one way to be more pro, is to find a sensitivity setting that suits us. Well, the settings for this frontal game are very well known and are widely used by free fire players

how’s the setting?

Frontal gaming sensitivity 1

the best frontal gaming settings

  • for the quite important part is to look around. This section is very instrumental in our dexterity in mobility, look left and right and help you when your opponent shoots from behind. frontal gaming settings, look around: 70
  • Red Dot Sight is also the part that determines our shots fit or not, so with good settings. will make it easy for us to headshot in free fire. Red dot sight: 60
  • next is 2x scope which is also quite needed when aiming at the enemy so that it is right on target, you can use 2x scope: 47 because it’s more comfortable
  • don’t forget the 4x scope because this is also very important if the enemy is at a distance. 4x scope: 25 It’s also good in my opinion so that the shooting is delicious
  • the last one is AWM which you can set to AWM: 22

Frontal Gaming Sensitivity 2

latest sensitivity free fire
  • Look around, I explained earlier, yes, this time you can use it look around: 46
  • then you can apply this very important red dot sight in the settings red dot sight: 8. Oh yes, this low setting really helps you target the enemy accurately
  • 2x scope too so you can use it more accurately 2x scope: 6but you need finger dexterity to aim right
  • The next thing that is no less important is 4x scope: 4 so it can be very accurate in making headshot enemies
  • AWM as a lethal weapon you can set, AWM: 0

2. Basic Settings

in addition to the sensitivity setting, the basic settings in the free fire game are also quite helpful for you when the battle is in progress. so here I explain about the basic settings. Of course Frontal Gaming has it

  • Graphics should adjust the HP spec. if your cellphone is potato, setting it to smooth is enough. than ultra but lag, it’s useless
  • language you can set as you like, because it only affects the appearance
  • Notch Screen aka bangs on the cellphone screen. If your cellphone doesn’t have a notch / bangs, then just turn it off
  • minimap This should depend on your habits. if you are used to the rotating minimap type, then just use that

so have you set? now I will share about how to maximize what you guys have in the brain at the time in the settings in free fire

Tips for Using Sensitivity Settings for Pro

Using sensitivity settings doesn’t necessarily make your game better and more pro. but it takes hard training to become a pro player like frontal gaming

So, here I will share some tips that can support you to become a pro player by using this setting

1. Adjusting settings

it will be different using the old setting with the new sensitivity setting. Well, not infrequently those of you who just use it will find it difficult when playing

That’s normal, because you’re just adapting to a new setting. My advice is that you play as much as you can on classic to learn how to adapt to get used to it

2. Train harder & improve your playing style

the more hours you play, of course you get more experience and learn more to improve the quality of play. Besides that, you also have to pay attention to the style of play

You can stream and learn from pro players how they play. who knows the tips they provide are suitable, so you + good sensitivity settings can make booyah easily

Before ending this article, I also want to give information that not everyone can match the frontal gaming setting. Here I also present other sensitivity settings

Well maybe this is all I can share

how is the sensitivity? does it work or not? try commenting below yaa

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