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12 Tips to Overcome AOV Force close or go out alone

In addition to the mobile legend moba game, recently there is another Garena AOV game that always decorates many Facebook timelines which makes us interested and curious to try playing the game.

Like the mobile legend moba game, this game is very fun to play with your crewmates. But even so, Garena’s AOV game also often has problems when playing Garena’s AOV often comes out alone. and here is the explanation,

Unfortunately, Garena’s AOV game often stops (if the cellphone comes out with an English sentence “sadly AOV Garena has stopped”, this error problem is often experienced by AOV players when they are having fun playing.

This of course will be very annoying because when you are playing fun with friends, the game suddenly comes out by itself. It must be very annoying.

A similar problem similar to that message is “Aov Garena was unable to respond. Do you want to close it?‘ or in short the sentence “force closed”.

Some of the error messages are the same where the AOV player will suddenly stop and cannot re-enter the AOV game.

Why do AOV games that often come out on their own like this?

There are several things that cause this game to crash or stop (it can exit itself). These include:

  • The corrupted AOV game when it was installed/updated because it was in the middle due to a disconnected internet
  • When opening this game the internet is disconnected which results in the game not being able to be opened
  • Unofficial Garena AOV game (using mod)
  • Old android version
  • The data memory on the cellphone is full
  • Many applications are used simultaneously because it requires RAM.

Then are there any tips for playing Garena’s AOV so that it doesn’t go out alone?

12 Tips for Overcoming AOV Force close

Here are some tips on how to play the Moba AOV Garena game so you don’t often go out alone when playing:

1. Find uninterrupted internet coverage

Try to find a place with a good and uninterrupted signal coverage. This is done in order to prevent the game from lag when playing, which then the game will close itself due to an unstable network to use to play.

If you still can’t or fail, try using the local public wifi or ride on the nearby wifi, usually the players use a stable wifi network when playing this moba.

2. Force close AOV then Restart Hp

If it’s still having problems, try to force close this game by force closing or removing it from use on your cellphone. To force close this game, here’s how for the android version:

  • Go to the Settings section, then select Application Manager
  • After that search and enter AOV Garena
  • Then click the Force Stop button
  • After doing this, so that it is more optimal, just restart your cellphone

3. Clear AOV game data

This method will be a little risky because later we will log back into AOV, and data such as the game cache will be automatically deleted. Will this delete game data like items, heroes, etc.? The answer is no, no, as long as you remember your account, and you log in using that account

To clear AOV data, here’s how:

  • Go to settings (gear icon)
  • After that select Application Manager
  • Then look for the Garena AOV application and finally clear the data

4. Update the game

Try to check in the playstore whether the game on your cellphone is already using the latest version or not, if not, hurry up to update this game.

Usually there will be lots of bugs or errors when the latest official version has been released, this latest version will fix the bugs/errors that cause AOV on your Garena cellphone to come out on its own

But sometimes the update will be carried out automatically if you use wifi

5. Reinstall the game

If the methods above still don’t work, try reinstalling the game. It’s possible that the AOV game on your cellphone has corrupted data when updating or when installing from the Playstore/App store. Just try reinstalling.

6. Delete applications that weigh heavily on HP

If you have a lot of applications that are not very useful and or even burden your cellphone, delete those applications on your cellphone. AOV games that come out on their own are often encountered when you have many applications that can burden your cellphone. If you don’t use some apps very much / don’t use them very often, it’s best to just delete those apps.

if it can’t be deleted, you can disable the application through settings. and if you don’t want to delete an application that is burdensome, you can ‘force stop’ the running application through the settings as well

7. Turn off the cellphone then remove the battery

Try to turn off your cellphone and remove your battery, because the AOV game could come out on its own because the cellphone is too hot. And also be careful if the cellphone is overheated because it can damage the components in the cellphone itself, so it’s better to rest for a while and remove the battery, wait about up to 25 minutes.

but for those of you whose HP has a built-in battery, just let it sit and wait half an hour. it’s best not to put it in the refrigerator, because the cellphone will be surprised by the change

8. Update Android OS Hp

Try occasionally to check the Android OS on the cellphone that you are using. It’s possible that the OS on your cellphone has an unupdated version. To update the following OS is how:

  • Enter the settings field
  • After that select the About Phone menu
  • And finally select System Updates

9. Factory Reset HP or factory reset

Steps that can be done and are very risky but very effective are Factory reset (usually people call it a factory reset).

This method will be very risky because it will delete all data on all cellphones in the internal memory of the cellphone, such as all applications stored in the internal memory, notes, messages or SMS, HP contact numbers stored in your internal memory, your phone logs, accounts email for android, and others.

To do this you must have a very strong intention and determination, because it is very risky and don’t regret doing this.

10. Memory (RAM) is running low/full

It could be that the memory (RAM) on your phone is almost running low, or maybe it’s actually FULL and it will be difficult if you want to use a few more applications.

The condition of RAM that is already tight like this, of course forces the Android OS to forcibly close several applications that are currently running. (which one is the most memory-hungry, like it or not, it must be closed)

This condition will affect the game you are playing. for that, before you play AOV, make sure you clean the recent app, or you have deleted the application running in the background

11. HP devices are not compatible

Just as additional information, that there are several types of cellphones that are not or are difficult to be compatible/optimized with certain games. There are some games that will only fit on certain types of GPU, until finally the game that is opened only displays a blank black screen. (GPU not compatible)

This is likely to occur due to the process of compounding the Android OS (software) for the cellphone that does not fit / in accordance with the hardware that is being used. (let’s just say it’s a beta version, there are still bugs)

12. Inadequate mobile phone specifications

Now this again, maybe the specifications of your cellphone are not strong enough to run this game. Hp specs will also greatly affect the game you will or will play. If the HP specs are not adequate, there will definitely be an obstacle that will arise when playing the game. Maybe the lag or maybe the display will maybe be different.

the way to overcome number 11 and 12 is to buy a new cellphone if the specs are solid for playing AOV, heheheh

The final word

Yes, those are 12 ways to overcome AOV force close or exit by yourself. It’s good if you are self-aware if your cellphone specs, connections or cellphone conditions are inadequate or damaged. don’t force your HP if you can’t. okay guys that’s all, don’t forget to share and comment below yaa

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