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11 Ways to Overcome Wasted Battery When Playing Android Games Online / Offline

Wasted Battery when Playing Games – Smartphones are now very important in the daily life of most people. Smartphones do not only function to communicate, with this device users can also play games.

But many of them often complain when the battery drains while playing games. Android game fans usually play 3-5 hours per day with different games. So, the smartphone certainly works continuously which causes the battery to run out faster.

It is undeniable that android games offer entertainment that will never bore the players. But some games with high graphics consume a lot of battery power.

Therefore, android game players must know how to save battery while playing games. That way, the battery will last longer so it can be used for a longer period of time.

If you want to save battery while playing games, try applying 10 ways to overcome wasteful battery when playing online/offline android games.

10 Ways to save battery while playing games

here are some tips for you to overcome wasteful batteries when playing games, so it will be more efficient and last longer

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1. Lower the brightness of the phone

battery drains when playing games

Many people are more comfortable playing games with high brightness smartphone screens. This is not without reason, because with sufficient brightness, the game will be more exciting when played. But remember, your smartphone battery will run out faster.

This battery-consuming HP problem can be solved by lowering the screen brightness on the smartphone. This method is considered a powerful way to save battery when playing games.

The risk, comfort in playing games may be a little disturbed. The screen becomes darker so that gamers will be less free to play the game.

Play in a bright place, so even if the smartphone screen brightness is dimmed, it won’t be too distracting while playing games.

2. Setting Graphics To Low

battery drains when playing games

Every android game player wants a game with the best graphics. Currently, many games have almost real graphics such as PUBG, Free Fire and so on. However, playing games with high graphics greatly affects smartphone battery life. Because the cpu and ram will work more extra than usual.

Usually in android games there are several graphic options such as High, Medium and Low. To be able to play games with a longer duration, you need to set the game graphics to Low. So that the work of smartphone devices can be lighter. This method is also useful for dealing with smartphones experiencing heat quickly.

3. Battery Saving Mode – overcoming wasteful batteries when playing games

battery drains when playing games

Activating battery saving mode is the right choice to overcome wasteful battery while playing games. Not infrequently game developers also provide power saver options to save battery.

In addition, to activate this battery saving mode, you can do it through the settings menu and select the Battery Saver option or battery saver. This method can be done if you don’t want to bother using battery saver applications.

4. Turn off Game Sound

It’s no fun playing games without activating the sound. Playing by activating the sound will add to the excitement of playing the game. Without these sounds, the game will be quiet and very boring. But you need to know, the sound of the game will drain a lot of power so that it makes the battery wasteful.

Sound is arguably one of the things that makes the battery wasteful. Battery consumption will be greater when game sound is activated. But if you want to keep using the game sound, you can turn down the volume. Playing games will still be fun and the battery will last longer.

5. Disable Apps Running in the Background

battery drains when playing games

Without realizing it, the battery will still decrease even if it is not used at all. This is because there are applications running in the background. These applications are usually Facebook, Instagram, Email, Google and so on. Of course, you often get notifications from these applications.

Battery usage will be wasteful quickly when a lot of notifications appear, especially when playing games, the game will certainly be very disturbed. If you want to save battery while playing games, try disabling apps running in the background.

6. Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi When You Play

battery drains when playing games

If you are playing games using mobile data, it is better to turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings. When both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled, both will try to find the access point.

It will obviously drain the battery while playing games. Just turn them off if you don’t need them. When the battery life is longer, of course there will be no problems when playing games.

7. Play Games Compatible With Smartphones

Some games require high smartphone specifications such as RAM, processor, and storage. The high performance of the game makes the battery power drain quickly.

So what can be done to save battery when playing games, is to play games that match your smartphone. Do not force heavy games to be played on smartphones with low or inappropriate specifications.

8. Enable Flight Mode/Airplane Mode

This method is proven to be effective for saving battery while playing games. This will be very helpful when you want to level up a game that requires playing the game for a long time. This can be done when you use a Wi-Fi connection while playing games.

When flight mode or airplane mode is activated, automatically there will be no incoming phone or sms tones, so the battery will not be burdened. The cellular network will also automatically turn off, so the battery can still last for a longer time.

9. Using Battery Saver Apps

Currently, there are many applications that function to save battery when playing games, one of which is called Greenify. The application developed by Oasis Feng is already available on Google Playstore and has more than 10 million downloads.

Various power saver modes can be used when you have installed this application. You can adjust the saver mode settings yourself, from light to hardcore. By using a battery-saving application like Greenify, RAM performance will also be lighter.

As a result, the smartphone becomes faster when used, making it comfortable when playing games.

10. Using Powerbank

Powerbank is one of the right choices to save battery while playing games. When a smartphone is being used to play games, the power consumption is certainly very large.

This results in wasteful use of the battery. Use the power bank when the low battery warning appears, which usually occurs when the battery is 20% remaining. You can adjust the amount of powerbank capacity that will be used.

However, using a power bank while playing on a cellphone is not recommended because it will make the cellphone heat up quickly.

11. Turn off GPS

GPS provides the ability to provide the address of our location directly. This feature is often used in google maps or other applications

This feature if used continuously will reduce your battery power little by little. Therefore, it is better when playing games, this feature is turned off

how to turn off this GPS feature is to go to settings> location> turn off GPS. or the fastest way, you can go to the medu & notification bar at the top of your cellphone screen, then turn off the GPS


There are many ways you can do to save battery while playing games that you can do. When the battery lasts, you will certainly have more fun and not be disturbed when you push rank or raise your game level.

Thus the article about 10 ways to overcome wasteful battery when playing online / offline android games. If there are complaints or problems can leave a trail in the comments column.

That’s it. May be useful.

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