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11 Ways to Level Up Fast / Leveling Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is one of the MMORPG games that can be considered quite interesting with many in-game features when compared to other games.

Black Desert Mobile offers so many ways for players to play the game. One of the highlights is Leveling. Yes, in almost all games there is a Leveling feature.

Leveling is an in-game activity that requires you to raise the rank or level by using the game path or features in it.

Therefore, this time the techno-technical aspect will discuss how to quickly level up or leveling Black Desert Mobile characters.

11 Quick Ways to Level Black Black Desert Mobile

here are some ways of leveling in Black desert mobile so that your level rises quickly:

1. Complete Main Quest

leveling black desert mobile

The first way you can do is by completing the main quest. This of course aims to make you level up quickly.

By completing the main quest you will get a lot of EXP and also Silver Coin. Not only that, in the main quest you can also get good equipment, items and materials for your playing needs.

2. Play Side Quest

leveling black desert mobile

Side Quest or Side Quest can speed up your character leveling.

You can get these additional quests in towns or villanges. By completing the quest of course you will get EXP as a reward, and other bonuses such as Silver, other Dao Items. You could say Main Quest and Side Quest are the same.

3. Fishing or Fishing

leveling black desert mobile

Not only playing Quests, by fishing, you can also quickly level up this way in Black Desert Mobile.

If your Quest uses life skills. then fishing doesn’t need it, so this method is very good for getting EXP and experience, but this method you can use to increase EXP only, and only get a little Silver.

But if you want to have a balanced character and don’t need to grind in the future, this method is very suitable for you to use.

This method is highly recommended for those of you who want to learn more about Black Desert Mobile, by giving a hefty EXP reward and ensuring that you have a balanced character as you play the game.

4. Do Grinding often

leveling black desert mobile

Grinding is indeed the most common thing to do in most MMORPG games. Same is the case with Black Desert Mobile.

Do Grinding according to the level you have, for example, if you have a CP of around 1500 then, do Grinding in a place that has a CP slightly below it. This is so you don’t waste time grinding in a place with a small CP. That way the EXP you get will also be much greater.

5. Complete Daily Quests

leveling black desert mobile

In addition to Main Quests and Side Quests, in Black Desert Mobile there are also Daily Quests that you can complete every day.

This quest will be reset every day, so make sure you finish it before reset. In daily missions, you will be ordered to defeat the enemy in a predetermined number.

So if you want to do some grinding, make sure first to always check your daily mission and see if you can do a double dip or not.

6. Gathering

leveling black desert mobile

The quick way to level up in the next black desert mobile is to do a gathering.

Gathering is an activity to collect materials or materials to upgrade building, crafting, and others.

The EXP obtained from this technique is almost the same as fishing, this is much better for you to do than killing monsters in Black Desert Mobile

7. Utilize Life Skills

leveling black desert mobile

Like fishing, Life skills can give you an extraordinary amount of EXP such as cutting trees, and foraging for food, all of which you can do to speed up character leveling.

However, to use this method you will use stamina, therefore you have to be wise in using it, and limited to how often you use this method.

idealyou must find a way to use Life Skills and often engage with other adventurers. Tips, View mining locations on your way to the next mission. Maybe that time will be worth the extra time you take to harvest the items there.

8. Take advantage of the Camp

leveling black desert mobile

Camp is one of the features in the Black Desert Mobile game. With this feature you can get various items such as black stone that you can use for crafting equipment or other items that you can sell with silver coins.

By utilizing what is in the Camp, you will be helped in increasing the level of your character and equipment because there is a building that will give you the Black Stone. So, come on over to your Camp often, okay?

9. Use Black Spirit

When you have unlocked Black Spirit, take advantage of the Mode. You can use Black Spirit in autoplay mode to collect XP for those of you who are not actively playing.

This is not a quick way to level up. But with this you can gain XP while doing nothing.

10. Fight Boss Rush

Boss Rush offers a lot of EXP than regular enemies. Once Boss Rush mode is unlocked, you can easily jump into the fray and fight against Boss Rush.

This method is not very profitable to speed up your leveling, but by defeating Boss Rush you will get a lot of prizes. In addition, fighting Boss Rush is also not boring and certainly fun.

11. Take advantage of the Ancient Ruins

Just like fighting Boss Rush, Dealing with ancient Ruins can also earn you a lot of EXP. The more difficult the Rins, the bigger the prize you get.

This method is actually not very efficient when compared to some of the techniques above. However, this method is the most fun and not boring way to do it.

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The final word

Black Desert Mobile does offer a variety of content that will make you love everything here.

This game is also very good and interesting and gives rewards to the players, so whatever you do in this game, you will not waste your time.

So, that’s all for how to quickly level up / leveling in Black Desert Mobile. We present this article specifically for those of you who want to level up quickly. Have a nice play

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