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10 Differences between Bots and Real Players in PUBG Mobile

What are bots in pubg? the meaning of the word bot in pubg mobile is an enemy / player controlled by a system with its own intelligence that has been set in such a way. The term bot in pubg mobile is very common to hear, unlike the case with pubg steam, which says there are no bots.

How to find bots in pubg? Is it possible?

yeah bots in pubg are random or random. It’s just luck, if in a match, there are few real players, you’ll find lots of bots. but there are some tricks to help you meet BOT in PUBG Mobile

So how do you know which is a bot and which is a real player? Here’s how to recognize bots on pubg mobile

10 Ways to Distinguish Bots and Real Players on PUBG Mobile

There are 10 ways to tell the difference between bots and real players, which I will explain. what is certain is that if you meet an enemy that is more or less as described below, then your opponent is a bot. Well, let’s discuss

1. Bots come suddenly

how to find out the first bot

If you notice a player suddenly appears, then it’s most likely a bot. Although it’s not always the bot that comes suddenly.

For example, when you are in an open place and you don’t find any other players, usually bots will suddenly come and just pass by. Or worse, sometimes direct attack and shoot.

The bot is like coming down from the sky, uh suddenly there is, even though previously checked there are no enemies

2. Bots are rarely inside buildings

As discussed above, you will more often see bots in open places such as on the street than inside your house

there are bots in the building. But bots are more often outside the building. Sometimes, when you are in a building, bots appear around the building, but sometimes the bots don’t enter the building.

but there are some bots that also directly enter the building

3. Using the Erangel Flag

how to meet bot

distinguishing bots in pubg can also be done by looking at the flag after you kill the bot. If you finish killing, then the one you kill is the Erangel flag, it’s possible that the one you killed was a bot

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4. Bots can’t jump

Apart from not being able to run or sprinting, it turns out that bots can’t jump either. The bot can only walk/run in a straight line. If there is a player behind him, then the bot will just immediately spin backwards.

So there is no such thing as a bot playing jumping and jumping on a container box in the georgopol area. or, when you shoot on average there are players who run while jumping so they don’t get hit by bullets. it’s different with bots that even… I don’t know, even stay in place

5. Bots don’t use vehicles

Well, it’s very easy to distinguish bots from real players this way. how to do..

If you see a player using a vehicle, then you can be sure that it is a real player aka not a bot. Because bots never appear using a vehicle. Usually the bot will just walk straight without direction even though it is outside the safe zone.

6. Bots have bad aim

What is aim? For those of you who don’t understand what aim is, aim is the direction of the shot or the target. Now the direction of the shot or the target of this bot is pretty bad. As a result you won’t die right away

I’ve also practiced it, so I’m in a position against bots. the bot shot at me, but i stayed silent. Now bots shoot by tapping tap, not by pressing and holding the fire button

other than that in that position I died a long time ago, because the intensity of bots shooting at me was rather rare.

Btww, if your aim is bad, your skills can be compared to bots. For those of you who aim badly, here is an article to make your aim even better

7. Bots have less weapons

difference between bots and players

You can tell the characteristics of this bot just by looking at the player himself. The average bot will appear with weapons that are practically not many. But even if it’s only a few, usually the weapons carried by these bots are pretty good. So just stay alert.

If you’re lucky, you can get AR-like weapons from bots and ammunition.

If you’re lucky. Hehehe

8. Bots don’t hide

Besides not being able to run and jump, it turns out that bots can’t hide either. This is quite prominent because basically hiding is also a strategy to protect yourself from enemy attacks.

This makes the bot seem mediocre and not that great. usually even bots are in a very visible and conspicuous place. so we don’t have to look for who is shooting

9. The bot has an unclear nickname

You can easily tell if it’s a bot or a real player by looking at the nickname. Usually bots have a nickname that is not clear and seems ridiculous.
Even so, you also have to be careful because not only bots use unclear nicknames. There are also original players who use unclear nicknames and seem ridiculous.

10. Bots will come if they hear gunshots

If you hear a gunshot, the bot will immediately go to the place where the shot occurred. This is obvious.

For example, when you are dealing with a player, if that player hears a shot and immediately walks innocently towards the place of the shot, then it can also be confirmed that it is a bot.

The final word

Now with the ten characteristics above, of course you can already distinguish real players and bots. Actually it’s very easy to tell the difference, after a long time you will understand yourself and memorize very well which is the bot. In your opinion, you would prefer to meet bot continue or real player? try to give the reason Comment below

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