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WPS Office can't be opened, here's how to fix it

WPS Office Can’t Open — Is your WPS Office crashing? Are you looking for a way to solve wps office can’t be opened. If yes then you’ve come to the right place. Today we will share a few tips to overcome WPS Office application cannot be opened. Recently, many WPS Office users on Android phones have complained that the WPS Office application cannot be opened. Actually, we think that the name Android application can clearly experience errors because it is man-made. Read also: What is Twibbon? Twibbon is….

Why WPS Office Can't Open

So why can’t WPS Office be opened? We actually also don’t know for sure what the reason WPS Office cannot be opened is because all errors that occur with the application are absolutely the responsibility of the application developer. We are only users so it rarely causes application errors by itself. Unless your cellphone is accidentally the cause of the WPS Office application not being able to open. Therefore, we need to confirm all the possibilities – the possibility that is the main cause of the WPS Office application cannot be opened.

WPS Office Can’t Open

If you experience problems when you want to create a new document in WPS Office because the application can’t be opened, don’t worry. We’d be happy to share tips with you to get WPS Office open again. Read also: How to Use Handbrake.

As for how to solve WPS Office cannot be opened, we will tell you below. So keep reading to the end.

Why WPS Office Can’t Open?

There are many reasons why WPS Office can’t be opened. Here your task is to keep looking and find out about what the main thing that causes the application to not open. If you have found it then you can overcome it.

How to Solve WPS Office Can’t Open

You can follow the steps on how to solve WPS Office cannot be opened according to the instructions below.

  • Force quit the WPS Office application from the application manager.
  • Clear the WPS Office application cache from the same place.
  • If clearing cache doesn’t solve your problem, then tap Clear WPS Office data to go back to the way it was.
  • Give WPS Office storage access because each Android application requires different permissions.

The method above is a way to solve WPS Office cannot be opened in general. However, if the problem is caused by a new feature update, try entering the Play Store and then updating first.

Not only that, you can also try removing the WPS Office application first and then restarting your cellphone. After turning on try to reinstall the application. But if there are other possible causes such as being under maintenance, then there is nothing you need to do until the maintenance is complete.

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