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When Can You Get Dart Tokens on Free Fire?

When Can You Get Dart Tokens — What are the pre-register prizes during Free Fire’s blood revenge event? Maybe this is one of the questions if you have managed to get dart tokens and katana tokens on Free Fire. The problem is, not many people know when they can get dart tokens on Free Fire. Therefore, we will discuss a little for you. Read also: How to Get Permanent Weapons in FF.

When Can You Get FF Dart Tokens

What is Revenge? Revenge Free Fire is a new mode in Free Fire that appeared after the last 19 September 2022 update. In FF’s revenge mode, rumors emerged of a new bundle prize, named AK Red Samurai Free Fire. But not only that, it turns out that there are still many prizes that you might get in this Blood Revenge mode, for example, Blood Moon Scars, Hayato Fragments, Gold Vouchers and so on.

When Can You Get Dart Tokens?

You need to know that this Free Fire blood revenge event requires you to get and collect 2 tokens that you can exchange for the main prize. These tokens are dart tokens and katana tokens that you can collect from September 22 to 29 2022. Also read: Blognusa Free Fire Redeem Code.

For katana tokens, you can start getting them from the beginning of the release of this new event until the end of this event. You just have to log in and play in Free Fire ranked mode for 2 to 4 times a day. Then when can you get Free Fire dart tokens?

How to Get Free Fire Darts Token

Just like other events, this Blood Revenge FF Event also has one token that is difficult for you to get. This is because Garena always doesn’t explain it in detail. Here the token in question is a dart token. When can I get token darts? Yes… you can get dart tokens on the peak day of Free Fire. From 28 – 29 September 2022 in the deadloot box. So please play at the peak of the Blood Revenge Free Fire event and kill your opponent. Usually in the loot box of a dead opponent you will get this token.

Well that’s a brief about when can i get token darts. Below we will mention a few of the prizes that you can get from the Blood Revenge Free Fire event.

Blood Revenge Free Fire Prize List

You just collect a lot of katana and dart tokens in Free Fire, then when you’re ready, please exchange them for the following prizes.

You can exchange 3 Katana Tokens for a Scar – Blood Moon Weapon Loot Crate (5x redemption limit).
You can exchange 2 Dart Tokens for M1014 – Cataclysm Weapon Loot Crate (5x exchange limit).
You can exchange 10 Dart Tokens + 15 Katana Tokens for the main prize of Permanent Weapon Skins AK Red Samurai Free Fire.

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