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Clash Squad Free Fire, 4 vs 4 Battle Mode in FF

Clash Squad Free Fire — Initially the Free Fire Clash Squad Mode was tested on the Free Fire advanced server in August 2022. It seems that this month, Free Fire’s clash squad mode is ready to be used on global servers. However, at the beginning of the rumors, Clash Squad Free Fire could only be played by selected players, namely players who had registered for the Free Fire clash squad in July 2022 and then on August 31 they could try it out on the advanced ff server. Read also: What does Maintenance Free Fire mean?

Clash Squad FF

From the article we read, the clash squad free fire mode is intended to celebrate the second anniversary of Garena FF. Features and other problems in this ff clash squad mode are specifically designed to enliven this.

Clash Squad Free Fire

In Clash Squad Free Fire mode, players only consist of 8 people who are divided into two teams, or in this case more commonly referred to as 4 vs 4. Clash Squad Free Fire is more similar to the Classic mode in the Counter Strike game. and Point Blank. However, Free Fire’s Clash Squad mode is cooler in terms of gameplay when compared to Counter Strike. In terms of gameplay, Clash Squad Free Fire is more or less the same as Team Death match on PUBG Mobile. Even though it is said to be the same, it turns out that there is still a difference, namely that the players will not die immediately if the health points have run out. Read also: How to Get Free Emotes on Free Fire.

For the problem of the match map that is used is to use the map as usual, it’s just that the battle area is smaller. In Clash Squad Free Fire mode, Garena does not present loot weapons that you usually find in battle royale games. So, players don’t need to look for weapons here and there. In addition to no loot weapons, you should know that once used weapons cannot be replaced, unless you take another player’s weapon. Therefore, so that you can get weapons that you want to use in matches, Garena presents virtual money that can be used as a medium of exchange for buying weapons in the game.

At the beginning of the battle, you will not be able to get good weapons because the value of the amount of money you have is of course very small. What you need to know at the beginning of the Clash Squad Free Fire game, players can only buy pistols and protective equipment while others cannot be purchased. Your virtual money will continue to grow as the rounds change. However, players can get more virtual money in the next round than other players by winning each previous round.

The nominal money for the victory given by Garena in the Clash Squad Free Fire mode for shopping varies greatly in amount. The winner of each match will get a nominal money between $1100 to $1300. As for the players who lose, they will get $500. In Free Fire’s Clash Squad mode, players must play seven rounds to become the winner.

Clash Squad Free Fire at a glance

If you are tired of constantly losing playing in Classic / Rank mode on Free Fire, then there is no harm in trying the Clash Squad Free Fire mode. Who knows you will become more compact with your teammates.

That’s our information about Clash Squad Free Fire. Hope it is useful. If you have questions, don’t forget to comment. Read also: How to Overcome Free Fire Exit Alone.

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