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Until what time is the maintenance of FF May 7, 2022?

Until what time is FF maintenance 7 May 2022 — Since today 7 May 2022 Garena is conducting server maintenance, of course there are lots of questions why Free Fire can’t enter today. However, this is not a malfunction but this is an effort from Garena in providing the latest feature updates. Maintenance for FF May 7 2022 today starts at 9.30 WIB until it’s finished. Well, the word finished is what many FF players are curious about. Also Read: Until what time is Free Fire Maintenance April 8, 2022? Let’s Flashback.

Until what time is FF maintenance 7 May 2020

Considering the previous FF maintenance, Garena updated the server for 10 hours, so there is a possibility of updating the FF 7 May 2022 maintenance for that long. So if anyone asks what time the FF maintenance 7 May 2022 will be, then we can only give an assumption of approximately 9 to 10 hours.

Therefore, as long as Free Fire cannot be played, we recommend playing other games. The reason is that until this article was published, in fact the maintenance of FF May 7, 2022 is still not finished. So there are still many questions when this May 7 2022 FF maintenance is over.

Until what time is the maintenance of FF May 7, 2022?

At the beginning we said, the maintenance in the past few months lasted for 10 hours. Even then, it only adds a few new features. Meanwhile, now, the FF maintenance update is quite large. It could be faster or it could take longer. It all depends on the speed of updates carried by Garena itself.

So logically, if the maintenance for FF May 7 2022 starts at 9.30 WIB, if today’s maintenance lasts for 10 hours, it will be finished around 19.30 WIB. Because this might be quite long, you don’t have to think about what time the Free Fire maintenance 7 May 2022 will be because it can take a very long time if you wait. Think of it as a special service from Garena so you can enjoy many new features afterwards. Also Read: Premiumhacks vip, How to Get Free FF Diamonds.

Thus, why Free Fire cannot be played will not be a burden for you during the day. You have to let go of this game for a while so that everything doesn’t become a problem in your mind.

When will the FF May 7 2022 Maintenance End?

If all the updates carried by Garena have been successfully integrated into the game. So it might be quite a long time from 9.30 WIB until after sunset today. Just be patient. Play another game that is more or less the same.

That’s all our information about Until what time is the maintenance for FF May 7, 2022. Hopefully the information from us is useful. Don’t forget to play another game first. Also Read: MPG FF, FF Cheat Menu Mod APK.

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