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Treasure Chests in Free Fire in Treasure Chest Events

Treasure Place in Free Fire — Today is the 5th day for survivors looking for treasure locations in Free Fire, especially in the Bermuda Map and the Purgatory Map. Many FF survivors are required to look for the X in the game. The treasure places on the Bermuda Map or on the Purgatory Free Fire Map are always changing every day. Coincidentally, what we are posting here is a treasure place in Free Fire day 5. Also read: Free Fire CC Money.

Treasure Place in Free Fire on the bermuda map

You need to know that the treasure place in FF is part of the Treasure Chest event. The prize is also attractive, namely a free elite pass bundle. Yes, even though the elite pass bundle has a time limit.

Treasure Place in Free Fire

There are approximately 15 X marks which are alleged to be treasure places in Free Fire. You can look for the X as the location for the treasure in Free Fire on the Bermuda and Purgatory maps. What makes it difficult to find treasure places in Free Fire is that you have to look for them randomly and can only find this chest once a day. Read also: Jobs 7000 Free Fire.

The prize for hunting the location of the X mark on the Bermuda map as a treasure place in FF is the treasure bundle hunter girl bundle with a period of 24 hours only. Besides that, there is also a skull captain bundle that you can get.

How to Find Treasure Places in Free Fire

To start looking for treasure chests in Free Fire in this treasure chest event, click the menu button for the Elite Pass Event Treasure Chest FF which is in the free fire game. It is located in the main menu of free fire.

Next, you will enter the elite pass menu where there is a treasure box with gold scattered around it. Don’t forget to click on the FF Treasure Chest Event menu.

Then after clicking the Treasure Chest Free fire Event menu, you will enter the Treasure Chest Free fire event pop up menu in the game. In this menu, please click GO TO to proceed to the next stage.

Next, survivors must choose a game option. You can choose the classic match type. Because here you will find a mission that is required to find an x ​​in free fire. Please choose on the Bermuda map / on the Purgatory map. Be careful in finding the treasure place in Free Fire because all players will go to the same place at the same time. So the possibility of a shootout at the beginning will be very likely.

That’s our information about treasure place in Free Fire day 5. The location is marked with a blue arrow as shown in the image above with RIM NAM VILLAGE. Please you go there and be careful. Read also: Aura Free Fire Academy.

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