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Purple Wings Free Fire, What is it?

Purple Wings Free Fire — The Free Fire Rampage website event has started to be discussed by survivors. In this event you can collect and get mad skeletons and Free Fire butcher masks. Not only that, different from other Free Fire events which always give attractive bundle sets prizes, but for this Free Fire Ramapage event you will get a new item that is still a secret, namely Purple Wings Free Fire. Read also: How to Get Butcher Mask Free Fire.

Purple Wings FF

Purple Wings Free Fire is still a secret because there are no complete details yet. It’s very similar to the past The Way of The Ninja Free Fire. Therefore, take a look at Purple Wings Free Fire in detail.

Purple Wings Free Fire

Purple Wings Free Fire is an exclusive item that can be obtained by collecting 2 special mad skeleton tokens and a Free Fire butcher mask. But the problem is about how to get the Free Fire butcher mask, there is still no complete info. So the explanation regarding Purple Wings Free Fire is still waiting from Garena’s side. Read also: How to Get Prizes in the Free Fire Rampage Event.

Therefore, our team will predict what Purple Wings Free Fire is all about. Hopefully our guess is in line with your expectations regarding the Purple Wings Free Fire item.

What is Purple Wings Free Fire?

If you zoom, Free Fire’s purple wings items are almost similar to backpacks. You can see something like a rope in the purple wings free Fire item. Not only that, in the item description on the token exchange event page it says ‘Armor… Level Up!’ This information further strengthens our opinion that the purple wings free fire item is a backpack. Look at the phrase ‘level up’, it describes that in order to get a complete Free Fire purple wings backpack, survivors must have a level 3 bag in the game.

But for that, please wait until you get 30 mad skeleton tokens and 15 butcher mask tokens to be exchanged for Purple Wings Free Fire. Yes, this is our guess about what the Purple Wings Free Fire item looks like. What is clear is waiting for official information from Garena.

Some information from us related Purple Wings Free Fire. We hope you will wait for the latest information from Garena. Read also: How to Complete Free Fire Callback Missions.

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