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Here's How To Get Butcher Mask Free Fire Easily

How to Get Butcher Mask Free Fire — As one of the battle royale games in Indonesia, FF Free Fire is now continuously trying to bring in interesting events to keep the players interested. This time the latest event that survivors are waiting for is the Free Fire rampage website. This Free Fire Rampage event comes after the Free Fire Eid bazaar event last month. Read also: How to Get Prizes in the Free Fire Rampage Event.

How to Get Butcher Mask on Free Fire

In the 16/6 Rampage Free Fire event, you will see a series of very interesting sub-events ranging from diamond top up bonuses, Rampage pre-registration and Rampage token exchange. Of the three Free Fire rampage sub-events, of course, the Rampage token exchange event is the main game because survivors can collect 2 tokens that can be exchanged for various attractive prizes, such as an exclusive item and the details are still unknown, Purple Wings Free Fire.

How to Get Butcher Mask Free Fire

It turns out that in this Rampage token exchange event you are required to collect 2 very important tokens. One of them is the Free Fire Butcher Mask token. And the other is the mad skeleton token. We’ll explain both and how to get them so you don’t get confused. Read also: How to Complete Free Fire Callback Missions.

For the first one, we will explain how to get a butcher mask on Free Fire. Then we continued by getting a mad skeleton on Free Fire. Please see the two methods below.

Steps How to Get Butcher Mask Free Fire

The first token you must collect in the Rampage token Exchange event is the Free Fire butcher mask token. How to get a Free Fire butcher mask is as follows. We got information on how to get a butcher mask on Free Fire directly from the official Garena site. That is as follows “On 16/6 there will be a GIANT GLOWING BOX that appears randomly in the game. Shoot the box and get a killer mask (butcher mask)”.

So the conclusion to get a Free Fire butcher mask is almost the same as how to get a drum on Free Fire in the previous event. But the problem is, no one knows the shape of the giant glowing box in the game.

When you get enough Free Fire butcher masks, you can exchange them for gifts like the following.

  • MP5 – Blood Red Weapon Crate : Obtained by exchanging 6 Butcher’s masks.
  • M60 – Gold Coated Weapon Crate : Swap for 6 butcher’s Masks.
  • SPAS12 – Plague Doctor Weapon Crate: Swap for 6 butcher’s masks.
  • Purple Wings: Swap for 30 mad skeletons and 15 butcher’s masks.

So that’s how to get the Free Fire butcher mask and the rewards you can get after exchanging it.

Steps to get Mad Skeleton Free Fire

To get the Free Fire mad skeleton is to take it from the death loot box when you kill your opponent. When there are enough mad skeletons in Free Fire, you can exchange them for Hunter Skull (6 Mad Skeleton tokens) and Surfboard ‘disease’ (20 Mad Skeleton tokens).

That’s our explanation about how to get Butcher Mask Free Fire. Hopefully the information from us is useful for you. Don’t forget to monitor the latest information from Free Fire through our site. Read also: Cool Free Fire Pet Names.

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