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List of Strongest Mobile Legends Heroes in 2022, Can Create Solo Push Ranks

Mobile Legends is still a very popular MOBA game in Asia today. One of the important things to know about this game is the strongest Mobile Legends hero that you can rely on.

When playing ML, there are several things to consider. One of the most important things in playing Mobile Legends is the selection of heroes during the draft pick which will greatly affect the victory of a team.

Don't let you choose the wrong hero when you want to push your own rank in Mobile Legends. If it's wrong and it turns out that you can't play it, other players might insult you and your rank will drop.

Instead of worrying about the best hero to use for push rank, try checking our recommendations below. There is a recommendation for the strongest hero in Mobile Legends that you can use to push rank up to Mythic!

1. Aamon

The first recommendation for the most powerful and deadly Mobile Legend hero is Aamon. One of the newest ML heroes has become a ban subscription because he has skills that are too OP.

Aamon has pretty terrible magic damage plus passive skills that make it difficult for opponents to lock. His Camouflage skill can also overwhelm the enemy!

If you understand how to outsmart Aamon 's 1st and 2nd skills so that you can spam skills, then the damage that comes out will be very large and can immediately make the enemy eliminated if the ultimate has been locked.

2. Beatrix

If you watch MPL Indonesia Season 8, you will often see Beatrix strolling in a different lane , namely in the gold lane or in the mid lane as a support midlaner . Very unique, right?

Beatrix's placement in the mid lane seems to be the latest meta which is quite odd considering Beatrix is ​​a marksman hero in Mobile Legends, while heroes who usually become Midlanders usually play the role of mage.

Beatrix has quite a lot of skills because she can choose 2 of 4 weapons, including Renner, Bennett, Wesker, and Nibiru. Of the four weapons, Renner was the most terrifying.

Renner who is usually called a sniper is indeed very difficult to direct. Fortunately, the damage from the sniper is quite high to the opponent, not to mention the ultimate Renner Apathy can target the enemy from a distance.

3. Lancelot

This old hero also seems to still be one of the best Mobile Legend heroes to be ranked 2022. However, there is one note for those of you who want to use Lancelot, namely you must be able to control his movements quickly, aka fast hands.

Like a pro player, the speed when moving Lancelot will make you even more slippery and difficult to kill. This speed is also what makes Lancelot a deadly weapon to kill enemies in an instant.

So that the appearance of Lancelot that you play becomes even cooler, of course you must have the newest skin. Currently, there are some cool skins from Lancelot that you can buy, such as Zodiac, Floral Knight, and Swordmaster skins .

4. Ling

Ling is one of the strongest Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends. His fast movements and deadly skills can make opponents move. Moreover, his ability to escape to the top of the wall can be utilized in a pinched condition.

This one hero can control the entire map and do farming alone quietly. He is also difficult to kill because of his speed, but he can easily chase enemies and flatten his opponent to Savage!

5. Barats

Barats is also still one of the mainstay heroes of the current Mobile Legends pro players. His ability to trap and chew enemies into his lethal advantages. Barats also have strong endurance and thick blood making it difficult to kill.

If you are trapped by the tug of the Barats tongue, then get ready to wait for the next respawn,! Because you might be attacked by teammates who are already waiting.

6. Esmeralda

Next, there are mages who have super thick blood and shields like tanks. Yes, Esmeralda is still one of the strongest mages at this time that you can rely on. Its strong endurance can keep you alive when attacked by enemies!

On the other hand, the strongest hero attack in Mobile Legends is also very painful and this can be your mainstay weapon when you push rank. Esmeralda can be the initiator of attacks and resist the opponent's attacks.

7. Granger

Marksman does have sick damage if he already has an important item. The marksman that is still OP at the moment is Granger . His agility in shooting and the range of his ultimate skills make Granger one of the strongest Mobile Legends heroes in 2022.

Just like other heroes, you have to learn first to master all Granger skills . An understanding of the skills is important to do so that your game becomes more precise and effective. Don't waste your ulti, but don't hit the target, okay!

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