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Linkduit Mobile Legends, This is How to Get Free Diamond Mobile Legends from Linkduit

Linkduit Mobile Legends — Recently, many Mobile Legends players are looking for ways to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends. Yes, one of the ways we offer is related to Linkduit Mobile Legends. So you will use the linkduit site to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends. You need to realize that in order for Linkduit Mobile Legends to run smoothly, then you must immediately register a Linkduit account first. Read also: CC Free Fire Money, Shorten Link Can Buy Diamonds.

How to Register Linkduit Mobile Legends

How to register a Linkduit account to get free Mobile Legends diamonds is also not too difficult. We will explain the steps so that the linkduit site can actually bring in free diamonds in Mobile Legends without hoaxes. So it’s no longer illegal free diamonds in Mobile Legends. This method is legal and Moonton is even happy if you use Linkduit Mobile Legends.

Linkduit Mobile Legends

Actually, if we interpret this Mobile Legends linkduit, it is like this. Register linkduit > exchange to money / credit > buy diamond Mobile Legends. Free means you don’t need to spend money because you have used linkduit as your media tool to bring in free money / credit. Now free money / credit from linkduit that you can use to buy Mobile Legends diamonds. Read also: How to Create a VK Mobile Legends Account.

So if you are curious about how to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends on Linkduit, then we will guide you from the beginning to the end so that diamonds enter your ML account smoothly.

How to Get Credit from Linkduit to Buy Diamond Mobile Legends

To use the term Linkduit Mobile Legends, the first step you must understand is registering a Linkduit account first. If you already have a Linkduit account, then you can get free money and credit that you can use as a means of purchasing diamonds in Mobile Legends.

As for how to register a Linkduit account, we describe it carefully below. Don’t go unread.

How to Register a Linkduit Account

How to register Linkduit is very easy. But for new users a little confusing.

  • You can visit the page linkduit registration.
  • Fill in the username, email, password, and confirm the password.
  • If it is correct, tap Register.

This way, you will immediately enter the linkduit dashboard.

How to Use Linkduit Mobile Legends

To be able to maximize Linkduit Mobile Legends, you must first enter the Linkduit dashboard. From here, make sure you are on the linkduit shorten link page. Now the way linkduit works is exactly the same as cc money. So you should look for a url that you can shorten on linkduit. When the url is short with linkduit, then you can share as much as possible on your social media.

If you have shared as much as possible then the possibility of getting income is also greater. Linkduit will pay you Rp. 80 / click from your short url earlier to the site you shared. Logically, the more clicks, the greater your linkduit income.

Well, if the linkduit balance is already a lot. You can WD to the bank directly or be a credit. Because we want to maximize Linkduit Mobile Legends, exchange the linkduit balance that has been collected into credit to your cellphone number. From there, you can use the credit that has entered the cellphone number to buy diamonds in Mobile Legends.

That’s all our information about Linkduit Mobile Legends – How to Get Free Diamond Mobile Legends from Linkduit. Hope it is useful. Read also: How to Use IMLS Apk.

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