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Layona Shop Free Fire is being hunted by many survivors

Layona Shop Free Fire — Recently appeared an apk with the name Layon Shop. This apk is widely used by survivors to get free diamonds and coins on Free Fire. If you are interested then you can use Layona Shop Free Fire to help you get diamonds in Free Fire. When you see this layona Shop FF then you will suspect that this apk is similar to Codashop but this is not the original. Read also: How to Unbind Free Fire Account from Facebookk.

Layona Shop FF

However, in the Layona Shop Free Fire, you will not find buying / offering / buying and selling diamonds like a Free Fire diamond top up service provider. There are only a few fields that you need to fill in. You must fill this field with the Free fire game ID. Then, underneath there are a number of diamonds that you can choose for you to get for free.

Layona Shop Free Fire

When you have done the method above, after you have selected the diamond you want, you just have to click the next button. That way, the Layona Shop Free Fire display will change to a verification percentage. You will see the percentage increase process from 1% to 100%. You will need a few minutes. Read also: How to Get Emotes on Free Fire.

When it reaches 100%, a message will appear that you managed to get the Free Fire diamond that you selected earlier for free.

Layona Shop Free Fire? Scam?

We suspect that Layona Shop Free Fire is not a trusted apk. There are allegations that your Free Fire ID will be misused. It is proven that when you just enter a random FF ID, it turns out that Layona Shop Free Fire still agrees to your request. What this means is that even if the free fire ID you entered is incorrect or doesn’t even exist in the game, the information in the layona shop FF application will always say that this method of getting free Free Fire diamonds is still successful.

Therefore, we strongly advise you not to believe in articles that describe that Layona Shop Free Fire safe etc. Check first and continue to be careful for the good of your FF account.

That’s all our exposure about Layona Shop Free Fire. Hopefully the information from us can provide a wider view as a FF player who is not easily tempted by the word free diamond. Read also: How to Bind a Free Fire Account.

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