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How to Play Free Fire on All Types of OPPO Smartphones

How to Play Free Fire on OPPO Smartphones — Today we will explain to you about how to play the Free Fire game on OPPO phones. Remember, if you want to play Free Fire on the latest OPPO series phones such as OPPO A3s, OPPO A5s, OPPO A7, OPPO F7, OPPO 9 and OPPO F11 Pro, then you will get a very interesting gaming experience. The reason is that the OPPO cellphone is equipped with the Game Acceleration feature which makes your game play more comfortable and more optimized. So here we are going to explain to you how to play FF ​​on OPPO phones. Read also: How to Cheat FF Without Root and Without Game Guardian.

How to Play FF ​​on OPPO Smartphone

To play the Free Fire game on an OPPO cellphone is very easy because OPPO cellphones also include Android phones. So there must be a Play Store even though there is a Color OS skin. The name of the Android phone is clear if you want to start playing Free Fire then you have to download FF on the Play Store first.

How to Play Free Fire on OPPO Smartphones

If you already have an internet quota, then you have also charged your OPPO cellphone to the maximum, then you are ready to play the Free Fire game. As we said before, first download the FF application on the Play Store until it is installed in the application drawer of your OPPO cellphone. If it is installed then you can proceed to the next step. Read also: How to Download Free Fire Advance Server APK.

The next step is to tap on the Free Fire app on your OPPO. Obviously here later you have to create a character and a name from a Free Fire account. This is normal because online games or others are like Battle Royale games, so you have to have an account first and then start playing.

Summary of How to Play Free Fire on OPPO Smartphones

The stages of how to play FF ​​on OPPO if we summarize are as follows.

  • Make sure your OPPO is turned on and there is a quota / connected to WiFi.
  • Open the Play Store and download Free Fire from the list of available games.
  • Wait a few moments until the Free Fire download is complete.
  • Tap the app to open it.
  • Create a username and character in Free Fire.
  • Try playing a match on the FF account you have created.

That’s our explanation about how to play Free Fire on OPPO cellphone. Hopefully you can play FF ​​on OPPO smoothly and easily. Don’t forget to get the latest information from us. Read also: How to Invite Friends on Free Fire for Mabar.

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