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How to Get Ruby Tokens in FF

How to Get Ruby in FF — The LiBooyah Free Fire event is almost at its peak. And to this day, no one knows how to get ruby ​​tokens on FF. Therefore, we will briefly mention how to get rubies in FF. Read also: Emote Unlocker for Free Fire Free.

How to Get Ruby Tokens in FF

The LiBooyah event starts on December 4-8 2022. Here you not only have to get ruby ​​tokens but also Sapphire tokens. If you are able to get ruby ​​tokens in FF and large amounts of Saphire tokens, then you have the opportunity to exchange them for the main prize, namely the permanent Blue Angle Bundle.

So see how to get ruby ​​tokens in FF below. Read slowly so as not to be mistaken.

How to Get Ruby Tokens in FF

So that you can get ruby ​​tokens at the Booyah holiday event, the method is very easy, you only have to play at the Libooyah peak day event on December 8, 2022. So tomorrow. You will be given a mission so that you can get ruby ​​tokens that you can collect a maximum of 8 pieces. So to get rubies in FF, just play at the peak of the Libooyah FF event. Read also: Jobs 7000 Free Fire.

How to Get Sapphire Token in FF

While the problem of how to get sapphire tokens in FF is divided into two parts, namely first you can get it in daily missions. This will get a total of 6 sapphire tokens every day, the way is like this:

1. Login to the game and get 2 sapphire tokens.
2. Give 500 damage to the enemy then get 1 sapphire token.
3. Give 1000 damage to the enemy then get 1 sapphire token.
4. Give 2000 damage to the enemy then get 2 sapphire tokens.

All the ways to get sapphire tokens above are classified as daily missions in order to get sapphire tokens, here there will be 4 different daily missions every day. Second, to get a sapphire token in FF, that is by completing the libooyah event cumulative mission.

1. Play 5 x get 1 sapphire token.
2. Play 10x get 1 sapphire token + 300 gold.
3. Play 15x = 1 sapphire token + 2 loote crates pet panda.
4. Play 20x = 1 sapphire token + level 4 character card.

In conclusion, the total sapphire tokens that you can collect are 28 sapphire tokens and 8 ruby ​​tokens.

That’s all our exposure about how to get ruby ​​tokens in FF. Hope it is useful. Read also: Free Fire CC Money.

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