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How to Get Lone Hero PUBG Mobile Title?

How to get the title of Lone Hero PUBG Mobile — As one of the exclusive titles in PUBG Mobile, the Lone Hero title is really wanted by many PUBG Mobile players. However, it turns out that being able to get the PUBG lone hero title is not as easy as you think. Information is spread that you can get it at the Infected Labyrinth event on PUBG Mobile. Therefore, we will briefly discuss all of them. Read also: How to View Merit in PUBG Mobile.

How to get the title of Lone Hero PUBG

If you are curious and don’t want to linger again to find out how to get the title lone hero in PUBG Mobile, let’s discuss it together.

How to get the title of Lone Hero PUBG Mobile

Until this September, the infected labyrinth event in PUBG Mobile should still be going on. From the news we found, in this event you can get the title lone hero which was quite exclusive. Read also: How to Set GFX Tool to Reduce Lag in PUBG Mobile.

You need to know that to get the Lone Hero PUBG title, you have to get at least 1200 points in the infected Labyrinth event. Therefore, complete all the available missions so that you can get a lot of points.

Why do you have to play in infected Labyrinth mode? Yes because in this mode you will get more points when compared to other modes. So you don’t fret and don’t be upset, as long as you play well in this mode then you will definitely get the title lone hero in PUBG Mobile.

Steps on how to get the title Lone Hero PUBGM

You will find a mission called Maze. You have to complete the mission within a certain amount of time. So it must be fast. By completing the Maze mission, you can get Curse Points. In our opinion then you should get as many points as you can quickly.

That’s our information about how to get title lone hero PUBG. We hope our information is useful for you. Read also: How to Change Characters in PUBG Mobile.

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