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How to get the FF 3000 Special Airdrop Easy

How to get Special Airdrop FF Free Fire 3000 — You need to know before reading this article to the end, how to get the FF 3000 special airdrop the chances are not always 100%. In fact it could be only 70%. But there’s nothing wrong if you try it. So, follow our explanation that was obtained from the xyz Free Fire retuwit site. Read also: JK Uniform Free Fire Bundle.

How to get Special Airdrop Free fire 3000

So how do you get the Air Supply Special at a price of 3000? Do I have to use an old account or an account that often plays Free Fire? Or indeed the FF account is hockey so Garena presents a special supply at a low price of 3000 only. For the contents of this 3000 supply, there are various kinds, such as 300 diamonds, weapon skins, or only items that last 3 days plus diamonds.

How to get Special AirDrop FF 3000

From the page we read for the problem of how to get Special AirDrop FF 3000, it can be obtained with the following times. Read also: How to Unbind Free Fire Account from Facebook.

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Tricks How to Get Special AirDrop FF 3000

Make sure you use the following trick.

  • Maximize booyah hours.
  • Using a new account is usually a lot of discount offers.
  • Pray for hockey to get a special Free Fire airdrop at a price of 3000.
  • Booyahlah as often as possible between 10-11 pm.

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