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How to Get All Tokens in the Free Fire Fear Fire Event?

How to Get All Tokens in the Free Fire Fear Fire Event — The latest event in all Android online games this month is Halloween themed, and Free Fire is no exception. In Free Fire the Halloween theme has been started since October 18 – October 28 2022 named Fear Fire. Just like other Free Fire events, the Fear Fire Free Fire event presents many prizes. But you must earn and collect tokens in order to exchange them for prizes. You can collect tokens such as Devil Candy and Pumpkin Candy in this Free Fire Fear Fire event. Read also: What is Sub Machine Gun Free Fire Senjata.

Free Fire Fear Fire Event

For more details on how to get all tokens in Free Fire Fear Fire, we will explain it for you. Read to the end.

Free Fire Fear Fire

In the Free Fire Fear Fire Halloween event, there are two types of tokens that you must collect, namely Devil Candy and Pumpkin Candy. These two candy tokens carry a different collection method from each other. Therefore, here’s how to get Pumpkin Candy and Devil Candy tokens in Free Fire. Read also: How to Send Free Fire Diamonds to Friends.

How to Get Pumpkin Candy Tokens on Free Fire

You can find this token lollipop bat in the game in almost all existing maps. The Pumpkin Candy token does come with the lollipop bat token. Both can be obtained in the game because they are randomly distributed in Free Fire locations. You can start collecting pumpkin candy tokens in FF from October 18 – October 28, 2022.

How to Get Devil Candy Tokens in Free Fire

You can collect Devil Candy Tokens that are shaped like pumpkin candy from October 27 to October 28. This is because currently the devil candy token is not yet in the FF game.

As usual, Garena still hasn’t made a clear announcement regarding how to get Devil Candy Tokens in the Free Fire Fear Fire Event. This is normal, if there are several tokens that must be collected, Garena will present them during Peak Day Free Fire. So be patient with this.

Daily Login Event on Halloween Free Fire

As the name suggests, you can complete the Halloween Free fire daily login event only by logging in daily during the Fear Fire event. This event is present from October 18 – October 27, 2022. At this daily login event, survivors will get prizes in the form of permanent vampire masks and permanent Halloween pumpkin masks.

That’s our information about how to get all tokens in the Free Fire Fear Fire event. We hope our information is useful for you. Read also: How to Overcome Free Fire’s Failed Top Up.

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