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How to Change PUBG Lite Server?

How to Change PUBG Lite Server — You can use PingBooster to protect yourself while browsing. It will hide your IP address and use encryption to protect your connection wherever you want to play PUBG LITE. For the safest and fastest way to play PUBG LITE on servers in other countries, please use PingBooster now. Read also: How to Get PUBG Materials.

How to Change PUBG Lite Server

Some countries do not allow or have normal access to PUBG LITE. Others don’t want you to communicate with the outside world, i.e. PUBG LITE blocks the game. PUBG LITE ERROR Your region is not available

A VPN also helps protect your valuable accounts. VPN prevents hackers on any network with an encrypted connection and doesn’t let anyone know where you really are.

How to Change PUBG Lite Server

We found a resource which explains how to change PUBG Lite servers. Hopefully with this you can do it too. Since this is still in the testing phase, if it doesn’t work then please try another method. Read also: How to Change Profile Photo on PUBG Mobile.

How to Change PUBG Lite Server with Pingbooster

Here’s how to change PUBG Lite servers with PingBooster VPN.

  • Open PingBooster, enter Username and Password, then Login.
  • Scan auto import games. * if you can’t find it, you need to add it manually (click Add Game > search for PUBG Lite and select it. In PUBG Lite game Settings, don’t forget to set automatically. To do this, please tap Automatic Find next to Launcher. Then Game name please write PUBG Lite Then select PUBG Lite.
  • Select a Recommend Server that is close to your country then tap Start Game.
  • Wait for the status to show all online.
  • Wait for server : Online (Connected).
  • Wait for game status : Online (Connected).
  • Server status shows Online Game then PUBG Lite will open.

PUBG LITE is getting more and more popular, but hackers want to take your account. You may also run into governments and organizations that want to block you.

The best way to maintain access and maintain security is to use a VPN. PingBooster is the best choice on the market, giving you excellent defense and dazzling speed.

This will encrypt your connection and reroute your traffic through the server wherever you want, bypassing restrictions. Anyone who wants to steal your PUBG LITE account will not be able to.

Play PUBG LITE on a restricted network using PingBooster. In this article, we will show you how to change PUBG Lite server with VPN Pingbooster. Read also: How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite.

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