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Free Fire Distributing Various THR During Ramadan - games

Free Fire Distributes Various THR During Ramadan – Good evening how are you today, this time will provide important information for free fire lovers, where currently free fire provides THR of various items during Ramadan or this fasting month. This THR is given to welcome this holy month of Ramadan and also adds to the passion of free players in improving their skills in this fasting month.

The event is a Ramadan Booyah Event which is divided into 3 periods, namely Fasting, Iftar, and Eid.

Here are the Event details of the prize and how to get it:
1. Fasting Event (20-26 April)
The first is that when completing missions such as cumulative login, finding Airdrops, playing games, and playing with friends, players can receive prizes consisting of Common Gun Skin Artificial Intelligence M4A1, Gloo Wall Skin – Dragon Seal, Pan Skin Snowstorm, Backpack Spikey Spines (Changing models), and Surfboard Punkster.

2. Iftar Event (27 April – 10 May)
The second was during an event that gave attractive prizes, namely Gloo Wall Skin – Spikey Spine, and Kelly the Swift Awakening Shard. The missions that need to be completed consist of logging in, playing, playing cold steel, destroying cars, and traveling a certain distance.

3. Eid (15-23 May)
The third is at the peak of the Booyah Ramadan event where prizes for rare Magic Cube items can be obtained during this period. In addition, players can also get other prizes that are no less interesting, namely Credit, Permanent Legend Gunskin – MP40 Lightning, Shani Character, and Permanent Common Gun Skin – Pink Paradise (M4A1, MP5, VSS, M249). Complete login missions, play, save friends, invite friends back, use emotes, play certain modes and get all the prizes.

In addition, there are other events to add to the festive season of Ramadan, namely 3x EXP Gold Fragment (23 May 2022), Big Head Mode (15-17 May 2022), Gun King Mode (23-31 May 2022), and No Rank Drop (23 May 2022). 2022).

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