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Don't use it if you're not a pro, here are the 10 most difficult heroes to use in Mobile Legends

Heroes in Mobile Legends have various levels of difficulty. Starting from heroes that are easy and can be used the first time you play like Layla, Tigreal, Saber, Balmond, Miya, Alucard, etc. Until heroes who are not easy to master like Fanny, Lancelot, Roger, Kagura, and Harley.

Heroes that are difficult to use sometimes have special abilities that make them weak, or much stronger than other heroes in terms of attack or defense. What are these heroes? Let’s discuss together here:

1. Fanny

Fanny doesn’t have mana like other assassin heroes in general, but her skill usage is still limited, namely using stamina. Fanny has the Steel Cable skill which makes her able to move here and there while attacking. This skill can increase stamina every time he hits the enemy, so try every time you use this skill to be right on the enemy. If you just swing around then this skill will only consume stamina.

In addition, the Steel Cable used must be at least two because it affects the amount of stamina obtained. If you’ve ever tried this hero, you’ll know that it’s not easy to make the Steel Cable skill hit the enemy.

2. Hayabusa

Hayabusa has a Quad Shadow skill that casts four shadows and can be used to move places. Although agile but using this skill is not everything we imagine. Skill spending must see the situation first and the perfect position. If you move the wrong place, the enemy will immediately finish you off.

3. Chou

Chou has the Jeet Kune Do skill which gives him immunity to any attack if the timing is right. But to be able to make this skill give you immunity, it’s not easy. It requires frequent practice and uses it against the enemy when attacking multiple times. In addition, the ultimate skill Way of Dragon has two types.

The first type is to chase the enemy and then beat him in the air while the second kicks the enemy in the intended direction and then beats him in the air. For ganking and war, the second type is the most frequently used. But to be able to use it you have to be very close to the enemy and then be in the right position, namely by facing your friend.

4. Kagura

Kagura has an umbrella throwing skill that can be used to escape or to bind enemies. It takes a long time and practice to be able to maximize the use of his skills. This hero is a mainstay in the team because it provides large burst damage and troubles the enemy.

5. Vexana

One of the difficult skills to use in this Hero is Charmed Specter. This ability has a small attack range, but extends one line. Everyone affected by this skill will follow Vexana for 1.5 seconds. It was the perfect time to direct the Nether Snare. For novice players, sure they can find the right direction to use the Nether Snare.

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6. Karrie

Karrie has a very fast attack than any hero at the beginning of the game. Due to his fast attack he can be a great pusher and assassin. But behind that speed, Karrie has a high level of difficulty. When he increases attack speed it will sacrifice his damage.

7. Moscow

Moskov has an attack that penetrates backwards, allowing him to provide area attacks even though he is an MM hero. Moskov must be able to attack from the right position so that his attacks can also hit the enemy behind him.

Moskov’s ultimate skill called Spear of Destruction has a very far reach, it can even reach the enemy base. This skill can also bounce if thrown against a wall and when it hits the enemy it will stun for 2 seconds.

8. Alpha

Skills that are quite difficult to use for this hero are Spear of Alpha and Force Swing. This skill will be effectively used if the enemy is in a parallel position behind. That’s why it’s not easy to be able to maximize the use of this hero.

9. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca’s skill called Brajamusti Guntur Fist is a skill that is not easy to use. You have to use it at the right time so it doesn’t go to waste. Gatotkaca is also a tank hero, you must often approach the enemy to protect or find prey for your team behind.[atagartidakterbuangsia-siaGatotkacajugatermasukherotankkamuharusseringseringmendekatimusuhuntukmelindungimaupunmencarimangsabagitimmudibelakang

10. Harley

Similar to Kagura Harley has a skill that can make it move and give deadly gradual damage. The card skill that deals great damage must be used right at the enemy in order to finish him off quickly. Besides that, using this hero also needs precise calculations, a little bit can make you surrounded by enemies and eventually die.

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