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Brick Warrior Free Fire, Super Cool Spin Bundle on Free Fire

Brick Warrior Free Fire — On the sidelines of the Free Fire beach party event, it turns out that there is now another new event that gives you a super cute bundle prize called Brick Warrior. The brick warrior FF event period starts on July 12-18 2022. If you are interested in spinning the brick warrior Free Fire bundle, it’s not difficult either. What is clear is that all you have to do is visit the Free Fire brick warrior site, then you will get the spin bundle. Read also: Beach Chairs at Free Fire.

Brick Warrior FF

But you need to remember that this Brick Warrior Free Fire is only difficult to get 5 tokens. So you will not immediately get a brick warrior even though you have only done 1 spin. You have to get 5 tokens then you can claim the Brick Warrior Free Fire bundle.

Brick Warrior Free Fire

For the details of the Bunlde Brick Warrior Free Fire, we present it below.

  • Collect 5 Brick Tokens to get the ultimate prize – the Mad Brickman Bundle.
  • Spin to collect Brick Tokens and other great prizes.
  • Receive the grand prize on the left side of the screen.

If you encounter a problem, please contact CS Free Fire. This is intended if there are obstacles can be overcome immediately. For your information, for 1x spin of the Brick Warrior Free Fire bundle, you need 30 Diamonds and for 5x direct spins you need 130 diamonds. Keep on spinning the bundle so you can get a super cool brick warrior Free Fire bundle. Read also: Meaning of Free Fire Elements.

How to Spin Bundle Brick Warrior Free Fire

To be able to spin the Brick Warrior Free Fire bundle, please open your FF account then search for News. From the news you will find your Build your Brick Warrior tab. Please visit the site then you can spin the Brick Warrior FF bundle. There are many Prize Pools, such as Pet Hunter, Laura character and many others as well as the main prize of the Mad Brickman Bundle.

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