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AURA Free Fire Academy is Officially Opened

AURA Free Fire Academy — Quoting from the Aura Esports post on the Facebook Fanspage, that Aura Free Fire Academy has been officially opened to the public. So for those of you who belong to AURAFAM have a dream to join the professional esports management of the AURA Team, then you can join immediately. Read also: Treasure Hunt Free Fire.

Aura Free Fire Academy

So, indeed this is a rare opportunity opened by a professional esports team for all of us. When else can we join the esports team if not now? So from there if you are interested in Aura Free Fire Academy, join immediately. Who knows you will be elected later.

Aura Free Fire Academy

From the information we got about how to register for Aura Free Fire Academy, we’re really sorry we only got info, please swipe up on the story of the Aura Esports Team. So try looking for Aura’s FP at @theauraesports or try looking for their IG account. Who knows the registration info for Aura Free Fire Academy is still available. Read also: Jobs 7000 Free Fire.

You just have to swipe up, there will be a registration form for Aura Free Fire Academy. If you are confused, you can directly send a message to CS / Aura Esports Admin. We are sure that we will be answered but not as quickly as you expect because there will be many who want to join Aura Free Fire Academy.

How to Register Aura Free Fire Academy

Just go to the Team Aura Esports account then take a look at the story they made. There will be information on how to register for the Free Fire academy aura. Hopefully you can and you will later become one management with other aura teams.

That’s all the information from us related Aura Free Fire Academy. We hope our information is useful for you. Read also: Free Fire CC Money.

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