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6 Ways to Cheat PUBG Mobile Without Root 2022, 100% Powerful! - Androidcam

6 Ways to Cheat PUBG Mobile Without Root 2020, 100% Powerful! – This time androidcame will discuss 6 Ways to Cheat the PUBG Mobile Game, OK?the newest and the coolest. If you try these 6 cheat methods, you will always win in playing this PUBG Mobile game. Immediately, Just like other popular Android games, this game also has several people who are looking for the latest PUBG cheats in 2022 so they can get instant wins. Although there are already several cheats that have been anticipated by the developer, there are still some cheats that can still be used until now.

Cheats provide a new experience in playing, this is why until now there are still many players who are looking for and playing with this cheat even though they know it’s not allowed, but don’t ever use it in tournaments because it can make you auto disqualification even though in everyday games it can make you auto chicken dinner . As of today, there are 6 newest PUBG cheats in 2022 that still work and can be used in games.

PUBG Mobile Cheat preparation specifications:
First of all, for initial preparation, you can download the Game Guardian application, Host File and Virtual Space which you can get the download link below. You must have these three because these are the main resources for this PUBG cheat tutorial.

  • APK Name : Download Link
  • Game Guardian APK :
  • Virtual Space :
  • File Hosts
  • hostpub9.v12.0

Install both on your phone then open the virtual space and clone the PUBG Mobile application on your phone by pressing the + (plus) icon in the virtual application. If you have installed the Game Guardian application, then click the Game Guardian application with the “SW” icon and select default. You will install Game Guardian again so you can install it with a random name. If all preparations have been completed, you can follow the steps below to activate the PUBG cheat.

Here are the first steps:
1. On Clone Game Guardian with a random name in Virtual Space.
2. First Install and open the Virtual Host by RE-SELECT HOST FILE. If you have you can choose the host file that you downloaded earlier. If true, the Virtual Host will turn green. Note, the activation of this virtual host must be done outside the Virtual Space, not on the clone application.
3. Then run Game Guardian from within Virtual Space to be able to use the cheat.
4. Then run PUBG Mobile from within the virtual application
5. After that to be able to use the cheat, click on the floating Game Guardian icon then select Select Process and PUBG Mobile.
6. Then run the PUBG Mobile cheat script by selecting Execute Script. For the script you can choose from several options in the next discussion.
7. Then after everything is done you just start the game and activate your cheat. Enjoy Chicken Dinner!
8. Lastly, don’t forget to always activate “Anti Banned”

In the following, we will share a cheat script that you can use in Game Guardian to auto Chicken Dinner. There are several options that you can use but you can only use one of them.

1. Ultra High Jump

By using this cheat, players can make very high jumps above normal which reach 40 meters. And you will also get an ultra sit scope cheat that can increase the effectiveness of your shots. This cheat is not accompanied by cheats such as wallhack, no recoil, aimbot or anything. This PUBG cheat is usually used to have fun during the game. You can download the script here.

2. Aimbot and No recoil

By using Aimbot you don’t have to bother aiming at the enemy anymore, you just need to let the crosshair move by itself to the visible enemy and all you need to do is press the shot. In this script you will also get a no recoil cheat. You can download this PUBG cheat script here.

3. Auto Headshot

This is one of the best cheats in PUBG, you don’t have to struggle to direct your shot to get a headshot. All you need to do is direct the shot at the enemy to any part, if this cheat is active the shot will automatically headshot even if you shoot at other body parts. In this script you will also get other useful cheats such as wallhack, no recoil and many more. You can download the script here.

4. No Grass

Maybe you are thinking, why cheat like this that removes grass. But if you are in a circle in the middle of a field or forest full of grass, this cheat in PUBG will be very useful because you will always be able to see the enemy’s movements even if they are hiding in the bush or grass. You can download the script here.

5. Wall Hack and No Recoil

This PUBG cheat allows players to see anyone even if your enemy is behind a wall, besides that you can also give a color that allows you to see enemies from a distance in color without being blocked by a wall. Recoil applies to all types of shots and has no recoil at all, this way your shots will always be straight. You can download the script here.

6. Speed ​​Run Hack

This PUBG cheat will irritate opposing players, because your movements become very fast and very difficult to shoot. The use of this cheat allows players to move very fast beyond normal limits even when the game booster is active, so players can dodge bullets very easily. You can download the script here.

The coolest are:
Magic Bullet and Antenna

For players who are not adept at directing weapons, this cheat is perfect. Where the antenna will show the opponent’s position, in the form of a straight line like an antenna that is straight towards the sky and Magic Bullet allows the player to shoot wherever he likes and will automatically hit the closest enemy. You can download this PUBG cheat script here.

A few of the articles 8 Ways to Cheat PUBG Mobile Without Root 2022, 100% Powerful!.

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