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11 Latest Free Fire (FF) Cheats 2022, Surely You Will Win in the First Game - games

11 Latest Fre Fire (FF) Cheats 2020, Surely You Will Win in the First Game – 11 Cheats this is a trick that has been done by previous players so you can try it because these cheats are very sophisticated and cool and for sure you will win in the first game. Why is the latest Free Fire (FF) game cheat on Android, currently there are still many gamers looking for it, starting from skins or VIP generators to get free diamonds without the need to top up FF.

The increasing popularity of Free Fire (FF) can now compete with PUBG Mobile, because it is smaller and lighter than PUBG but has almost the same quality. In addition, games with the battle royale genre are currently on the rise, which in the end also boosted the popularity of this Free Fire (FF) game.

Cheats and hacks are actually not allowed in the game world, but for those who want to always win and feel a different sensation compared to ordinary games, using cheats will provide a new experience in playing. However, it must be understood that playing using cheats does not mean without risk. The risk faced is that your account can be banned by Garena as a developer. If you already understand the risks, you can learn how to use the latest 2022 Free Fire (FF) cheat on Android below.

No Root Cheat Preparation on Android

11 Latest Fre Fire (FF) Cheats 2020, Surely You Will Win in the First Game

So that you can run this Free Fire (FF) cheat game well, you need some preparation so that you can use this cheat properly and perfectly. It’s a good idea after downloading, this preparation is put in one folder so you can find it easily. This cheat does not require root access at all.

This is quite easy for Free Fire (FF) players whose phones have never been rooted, because they only use the Virtual Xposed and Game Guardian applications to run this latest free fire (FF) cheat. For the record, to this day this cheat can still be run without problems so you don’t have to worry about this cheat not working.

APK Name : Script (.lua) Cheat Free Fire
Download link 1: Script Free Fire 1.37.x No Banned 100%

APK Name : APK MOD and OBB Free Fire
Download Links: Free Fire MOD APK 1.27.0
Download Links: OBB Free Fire 1.27.0

Apk Name : Game Guardian APK
Download Links: Game Guardian v8.68.5

Apk Name : Virtual Host and VPN
Download Links: Virtual Xposed
Download Links: China VPN

In using this Free Fire MOD APK, it doesn’t require root on Android at all, so you don’t have to worry if your cellphone that is currently used to cheat is not rooted. It just takes a little patience. Don’t worry, can we give a complete tutorial, and here’s how to Hack/Cheat Free Fire (FF) Latest in 2022 Without Root!

Here’s how:

1. First of all, you download and install all the preparations needed above (Free Fire APK, Virtual Xposed, Game Guardian, and VPN China)

2. Then copy the OBB Free Fire (FF) data folder that you downloaded above (com.dts.freefireth) into Android. You do this by opening Internal Storage > Android > obb

3. Then you open the VP China application, on the home page you will find a gray box. Don’t worry about the language because the steps are quite easy. Click the gray box until it turns blue and there is a lock sign on your phone notification.

4. After that run the Virtual Xposed application and select Add App. Create a Free Fire (FF) clone that you installed earlier and Game Guardian.

5. After completing the clone, re-enter the Virtual Xposed application and run the Free Fire (FF) application that you cloned earlier and exit without closing the game.

6. Then you run Virtual Host and open Game Guardian. Click Start for the application to run. Game Guardian will minimize into a floating widget.

7. Then return to the Free Fire (FF) game that you haven’t closed earlier and open Game Guardian then select Execute Script.

8. After that enter the script that you downloaded earlier and click on execute. Here you can choose the cheat you want.

9. Okay, your cheat is active and ready to play. Auto Booyah!

For information on each of the latest Free Fire (FF) game cheats in 2022 listed after making the above preparations, you can refer to the following explanation, and also at the bottom of the article there is a bullet-resistant cheat for Android.

Here are the 11 Latest Free Fire (FF) Cheats 2022, Surely You Will Win in the First Game:

1. Super Aimbot and Aimlock

If you activate this cheat, it will be very possible for you to be able to carry out targeted attacks on your opponent, aka 100% of your shots will hit the enemy without having to use your techniques or skills. Just point your weapon at the target then the enemy will automatically be hit by a headshot.

2. Burst Damage & Unlimited Bullet All Guns

Players will be very easy to shoot in large numbers so you will be very easy to kill the enemy. Even if you could say without experiencing difficulties at all. While the Free Fire (FF) unlimited bullet game cheat allows you to get unlimited bullets. This cheat combination will be really very dangerous when combined with

3. High Damage +++

This cheat serves to inflict enormous damage. With increasing damage automatically makes the enemy very easy to kill. Especially when you are 1 vs 1 with other players, your chances of winning will be very large because the damage to your weapons will increase very drastically.

4. White Enemies

This cheat will change the character’s entire body to white. Useless cheats? Actually this is a very useful cheat because the white color will be visible from a very far distance, especially if you combine it with the wallhack cheat, the explanation of which you will get at the following points.

5. Wall Hacks

11 Latest Fre Fire (FF) Cheats 2020, Surely You Will Win in the First Game

Wallhack allows you to be able to see through without being blocked by walls. So you can see the movement of the enemy easily. The combination of wallhack and white enemies will allow you to see enemies anywhere without being blocked by walls and white colors that are clearly visible from a distance.

6. Speed ​​Run

This cheat makes the player’s mobility very high. So that it is difficult to be chased by the enemy and very difficult to shoot the enemy. This way you will be very easy to avoid enemy fire and very easy to chase the safe zone because your running speed will increase greatly. In addition you will be very easy to loot. The only drawback of this cheat is that you will have a little difficulty shooting enemies because your movements are too fast.

7. Antenna 100% Easy Find Enemy

11 Latest Fre Fire (FF) Cheats 2020, Surely You Will Win in the First Game

Having trouble finding enemies? By using this cheat you will be very easy to find enemies because there will be a straight line towards the sky on the head of each character. The enemy will be very easy to find even though the distance is very far from your current position so you can set a strategy in playing.

8. No Recoil All Guns

11 Latest Fre Fire (FF) Cheats 2020, Surely You Will Win in the First Game

No recoil means that your shot will go straight ahead, not messy here and there so you will find it easier to get a headshot. It will be very effective if you target the enemy from a distance. It’s easier than shooting using a scope technique.

9. Fast Parachute

11 Newest Fre Fire (FF) Cheats 2020, Surely You Will Win in the First Game

By using this cheat you can land faster to the battle ground which allows you to loot and prepare faster than other players. It is very suitable if you land in a crowded place and you can attack other players who have just or haven’t landed.

10. Night Mode

11 Latest Fre Fire (FF) Cheats 2020, Surely You Will Win in the First Game

Are you bored with the game situation just like that? By using night mode you can change the sky to black like night. Is that all? Yes, that’s all, usually this is used by players who are bored with the same atmosphere when playing Free Fire (FF).

11. Bulletproof Cheats on Android

How to make bullet immune on android? It’s very easy, below is a tutorial that the admin gives to make the blood not decrease when shot by the enemy.

Just check and follow the steps as:

  • Download the Bulletproof Cheat Application on android here and the OBB file here.
  • Run the Free Fire Cheat Apk and Extract OBB Files
  • Extract OBB FF with RAR or other software
  • Move obb files and folders to /internal storage/android/obb
  • Play Free Fire Games

A few of the articles 11 Latest Free Fire (FF) Cheats 2022, Surely You Will Win in the First Game.

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