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15 Hero Counter Helcurt Mobile Legends

This is the best Hero Counter Helcurt Mobile Legends (ML) that you can use and is also my choice of esports itself!

Helcurt is one of the assassin heroes in Mobile Legends who is still the top banned hero in the ranked mode because Helcurt's presence in a match is considered quite troublesome. This assassin hero is very inconvenient because of its silence and burst damage effects that can make enemies die with just one combo.

Helcurt is quite dangerous because from the early game alone this hero can give burst damage which is quite painful. Of course, this makes it difficult for you to face Helcurt in a match. But take it easy because we will discuss the hero counter Helcurt Mobile Legends for you so you can fight it easily in gameplay.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the hero counter Helcurt Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know what heroes are suitable for countering this assassin hero named Helcurt in Mobile Legends, let's just look at the full explanation below properly and correctly!

It could be a reference for you because these counter Helcurt heroes have been compiled by us, my Esports, to make it easier for you, ML players. Maybe it can help the players who are getting tired of continuing to fight Helcurt.

The following is Hero Counter Helcurt Mobile Legends (ML):

1. Hylos

Hylos is one of the tank heroes in Mobile Legends that has a high level of durability. This one hero tank is very suitable to be used to counter Helcurt because it has a pretty good stun skill.

In addition there are also skills that can give a slow effect to enemies around him. When Helcurt blinks at you, Hylos can immediately use his stun skill to stop Helcurt so you can give him a combo skill and kill him immediately.

2. Eudora

Eudora is a typical hero mage in Mobile Legends that you can use to counter helcurt because this hero has a fairly large burst damage skill. When helcurt comes to him then just use the stun skill and after that you can give attack skill combos to helcurt. Guaranteed Helcurt you can easily defeat.

3. Aurora 

Aurora is also one of the hero mages in Mobile Legends that you can use to counter Helcurt ML easily. Aurora has a skill with a Freeze effect which when used on Helcurt will freeze it. After that you can also immediately give a skill combo to Helcurt and make it easy to kill.

4. Nana

Nana is one of the support mage heroes in Mobile Legends that you can also use against Helcurt. Nana has skill two where she puts Molina and when Helcurt is hit by skill two it can change shape into Molina. After that, just use your combo skills to beat him.

5. Diggie

Diggie has a skill where he can trap Helcurt easily using his second skill. The ultimate skill of this one support hero is also able to save your teammates because it will be immune from all debuffs and provide additional shields and movement speed. Use diggie to easily counter Helcurt.

6. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is probably one of the current Hero Counter Helcurt Mobile Legends (ML). With her high damage and sustain, Esmeralda is very strong if she becomes a Helcurt matchup. Not to mention a very supportive skillset.

Esmeralda is a strong anti-gank hero against Helcurt. He can be very superior thanks to his sustain and damage. Helcurt who must quickly burst the opponent can be in trouble.


Benedetta is the most overtuned Hero Counter Helcurt Mobile Legends (ML) . High damage plus his sustain can avoid all damage and CC from Helcurt. Whether anti-gank or initiating, Benedetta has the upper hand against it.

Helcurt who was pushed by  his pressure would easily be resisted. Helcurt's main weakness is fighting heroes who can apply pressure and survive his burts.

8. Khufra 

Khufra is a tank that is on the rise right now. Whether in pro play or regular pub matches, he is quite strong thanks to his skillset. Moreover, a strong synergy with many heroes can be profitable.

Fighting Helcurt was easy for Khufra. He has high sustain and strong CC, easily countering Helcurt. Helcurt usually avoids Khufra when ganking, and this is very advantageous.

9. Claude

Claude is one of the superior marksman against Helcurt. But with one condition, there is information or vision to anticipate Helcurt's roaming later in the lane or jungle.

Claude has advantageous damage, burst, and mobility. Very strong against Helcurt in the game. Especially in the late game when the item is ready. Claude's damage is no joke.

10. Jawhead

Jawhead is currently in a good position. With a strong synergy with other heroes, he also has the right skillset. Against Helcurt, Jawhead only needs to be aggressive back and lock himself.

Helcurt will be very difficult with this considering that he cannot be locked by the opponent. With Jawhead, he will be very difficult in the game later.

11. Saber

Saber is very favored to do a burst against Helcurt. This is because he does not have CC to trigger Helcurt's passive. His high damage can be easily used.

Those are some Helcurt Mobile Legends hero counters that you can use. So powerful and terrifying, they could be Helcurt's strongest counters. Try to use the right one to be effective.

12. Natalia

Natalia's ability to disappear in matches is indeed very helpful, even this will make Helcurt himself not know of his existence. Natalia is able to disappear without being seen by anyone on the map, of course she is able to counter Helcurt suddenly from a back attack.

However, both of them will receive a Silence Effect for 1 second, on this occasion if Helcurt tries to fight back, activate Skill 2. Natalia is able to be immune from Physical attacks at this rate, so that Helcurt doesn't deal damage and we use Ultimate if Helcurt tries to escape.

13. Paquito

The damage that Paquito gives to the enemy, is indeed unbearable even from a Helcurt though. Indeed, Paquito's counter locks movement or skills, but it will be different if the enemy uses Paquito correctly. Helcurt will not be able to move, even easily fooled by Paquito at this rate.

Performing an Uppercut combo and several other skills, will raise the red bar which increases the damage of the hero even more. A few times too, Helcurt could have died immediately or dying.

14. Melissa

Seeing Marksman Surely Helcurt would be interested in targeting him, but not for Melissa who was able to survive Helcurt. If you want Counter to use a Marksman-type Hero, then just use Melissa to make things even more as planned.

When Helcurt is off guard because of Melissa's skill ability, then attacks him using Skills 2 and 1 while Ultimate is still active. That way Helcurt, who doesn't have time to escape, can immediately kill you with Melissa's deadly attack.

15. Kaja

As a support fighter, Kaja is able to deal very high damage to his opponent. Even being a savior, if there is a hero who comes with high speed approaching the hero with the lowest HP of your team. As Helcurt approaches, Kaja can use Ultimate to bind him.

Then pull away from the friend, tell the others so they can attack this Helcurt so he doesn't run away again. It is indeed Counter that takes time to do Ultimate so that later teammates can be safe from enemy attacks.

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So, that's the explanation about the Helcurt Mobile Legends hero counter that we have explained. Hopefully useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Read the explanation above so you know the hero counter Helcurt in Mobile Legends!

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