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15 Hero Counter Badang Mobile Legends

Badang is a fighter hero with the best burst damage in Mobile Legends. Badang himself can kill his enemies with one combo, not just one enemy even up to many enemies at once this hero is capable. But even so, there is still a Badang Mobile Legends hero counter who can defeat him easily.

When using Badang you have to be smart in choosing a good position to use the second skill to catch the enemy. After that, you can use the first skill and if the enemy is knocked back there will be a stunning effect produced.

If you are in a stun position, then you can use the ultimate skill on your opponent to kill him. The Badang combo is terrible, but that doesn't mean it's without a counter.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the Hero Counter Badang Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know who are the heroes that can be used to counter Badang in Mobile Legends.

Let's just take a look at the full explanation below!

Hero Counter Badang Mobile Legends (ML)

Esportsku has made several lists containing the name of a hero in Mobile Legends where the hero can easily counter Badang. For the list of hero counters, you can see below!

So that's the list of heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use to counter Badang. For a detailed explanation of each of the heroes above, you can see the discussion below!


Khufra is a tank hero that can almost be used to counter all heroes in Mobile Legends. Khufra himself has skills that are equipped with crowd control effects. Ultimate body skills can be canceled easily using one Khufra's skill. Besides that, Khufra can also use his ultimate to hit the body against the wall he made, as a result, the body itself is stunned.


You can also use Chou to fight bodies in gameplay. Chou has crowd control skills which can also be used to counter bodies easily. Chou's two skills can be used to avoid skill two and the ultimate body skill. If used as a fighter Chou can kill the body with just one combo.

Helcurt is a Counter Badang Mobile Legends (ML) hero who has passive silence skills. This passive skill makes enemy heroes around him unable to use his skills. Helcurt can immediately use the ultimate skill and his first skill to approach the body quickly. After that Helcurt can immediately use his second skill to deal burst damage to Badang.


Hayabusa can also be used to counter bodies easily. When Badang wants to use his ultimate skill, Hayabusa can immediately use his ultimate skill to immunize and attack Badang back.

The damage generated from Hayabusa itself is also very large and can be used to defeat Badang in a match.


Lunox is a Counter Badang Mobile Legends (ML) hero who can use two skill modes in gameplay. Lunox can use dark mode and light mode according to the situation. When you want to be caught by the body, make sure Lunox is in light mode.

When being attacked using the ultimate body Lunox can immediately use his ultimate skill so that he can become an orb and dodge. After that, just use the ultimate dark mode lunox skill to give Badang burst damage. That way Badang is easy to defeat.


Ling can be a very strong Badang counter. This was because Ling had an iframe in his ultimate as well as mobility that Badang had a hard time catching up with. With this Ling can easily counter it.


Claude has high damage and mobility, but it depends on your playing style later. if Claude is hit by the Badang combo it might be difficult, but he can go back and forth at will quickly.


Benedetta is currently one of the most powerful sideliners and fighting Badang is no big deal. He has high damage and high sustain, as well as mobility that can make the body difficult.

Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong against Badang was nearly invincible as Badang lost in all aspects. Yu Zhong's damage, sustain, CC, and combos are much better than Badang in Mobile Legends at the moment.


Currently, not many heroes can win 1v1 against Thamuz and Badang is one of them. Thamuz has very high damage and sustain. You can lose only if you are far behind in gold.


Kaja can be troublesome for Badang who must be at a disadvantage. With Kaja, Badang will either be withdrawn or Kaja will easily run away. The body will always be in trouble.


Badang has a very high attack speed, but Dyrroth also has the same thing with it. Then it has high damage because it weakens Defense, of course, Dyrroth is relatively easy to counter Badang but there is a different way.

Make sure Badang doesn't have Ultimate or your Build is ready, so he can withstand damage from his ultimate. Even Dyrroth had to focus on attacking and outwitting Badang so that some of the hero's attacks failed to hit us.


Moskov's skill in countering Badang is indeed good, even when exposed to Skill 2 we can attack using Skill 1 again. For example, if you want to run away quickly, use Skill 1, but if you are hit, just use Skill 2 so that Badang is exposed to the Knockback Effect.

Moskov is not the type to fight Badang who succeeds in Ultimate, it will weaken him and make sure you can aim Skill 1 correctly. So that later it can be easier to attack him, considering the body's attack speed will increase faster.


Paquito's strength in battle is indeed great, dealing high damage when fighting an enemy. Even Badang himself is unable to withstand the Hero's Damage because Paquito's own skill has a fast cooldown.

Just progress with some Combos slowly, they can hit an Uppercut to make it stronger. Even if Duel even though Badang is ultimate too, of course, it's not a problem.


Hero with 3 HP for each layer, now Masha is also able to easily counter Badang in a match. Can't deny the ability of Hero Masha, the weaker his HP, the stronger he is. Even the body that fights Hero Masha 2 Layer HP can be deadly as long as Masnya is right.

Use Skill 1 and ultimate when HP is 3 Layers, of course, your HP Layer remains 2 and just attacks the body to weaken it. Use Skill 1 so that Badan can't use his skills first, then avoid fighting and Fill 2 or 3 HP Layers. Again attack Badang even though he uses Ultimate but you can still survive to defeat him.

With this many Badang hero counters, of course, you have many choices. Try to lock Badang from the beginning of the game because if Badang is superior by one or two items he will be difficult to beat later.

So, that's the explanation of the body counter hero in Mobile Legends that Esportsku discussed. You can use the heroes we described above to defeat Badang easily!

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