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5 Best Hero Counter Yin Mobile Legends

Yin is one of the newest Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends who has a very good skill set to fight duels. Yin has the ultimate skill ability called My Turn. Yin's ultimate skill is able to kidnap an opposing hero, send them to the Yin domain, and will force the opponent to do a duel.

Not only that, but Yin also has a high Crowd Control ability and can deal enormous damage to opponents. Despite having damage that is big, that doesn't mean this hero doesn't have weaknesses, because there are some of the best heroes that you can use to counter Yin Mobile Legends.

Want to know what is the list of the best counter Yin heroes? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

5 Best Hero Counter Yin Mobile Legends

1. Silvan

The first hero to counter Yin is Silvana. This Hero Fighter has a very strong fighting ability. Silvanna is able to produce large magic damage to Yin heroes and can produce Crowd Control effects which will be troublesome for Yin heroes.

Not only that, but Silvanna also has the ultimate skill ( Imperial Justice ) which can both lock Yin's movement for a few seconds, so Yin can't escape from Silvana's cage when fighting.

2. Paquito

The next hero to counter Yin is Paquito. This Hero Fighter has good skill abilities in dueling battles. Paquito has a very thick Shield level and can produce enormous damage, of course, Yin will find it difficult to fight Paquito in a one-on-one duel.

Especially when Paquito is trapped in Yin's ultimate skill, it will be very profitable, because Paquito can attack and kill Yin very easily.

3. Sun

The next hero to counter Yin is Sun. This Hero Fighter is capable of dealing very high damage per second to Yin. Sun can also create a Doppelganger or shadow through his ultimate skill which can inflict enormous damage and can regenerate additional HP.

You can really rely on Sun's skill abilities in duel battles, of course, Yin's hero will have a lot of difficulty in dealing with Sun because there is more than one target that Yin must face when fighting.

4. Edith

The next hero to counter Yin is Edith. This Hero Tank / Marksman has a Crowd Control ability which is very annoying for Yin hero. So Edith was able to make Yin difficult when she was in the planning phase because Edith's ability could make Yin unable to move.

Even though Edith was kidnapped into the Yin domain, Edith was still able to compete and was able to defeat Yin easily, because Edith had a very strong defense and could deal damage large enough to kill Yin.

5. Yu Zhong

The last hero to counter Yin is Yu Zhong. This Hero Fighter has the ultimate skill that can turn into dragon mode. When in this mode, Yin will have difficulty fighting Yu Zhong, because Yin is a melee-type hero, even though he uses a ground-hitting combo, his damage will not hit Yu Zhong.

Not only that, but Yu Zhong also has a passive skill that can produce enormous damage and can restore his HP. Of course, you can rely on Yu Zhong's passive skill in a duel against Yi

So, those are some of the best heroes to counter Yin in Mobile Legends. Hope it is useful

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