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What is Recoil in PUBG and how to fix it

What is recoil and how to overcome it

mrfdn – Recoil is a term often called PUBG game players. Maybe for some people, especially beginners playing pubg mobile, they often hear this term. What exactly is recoil?

In this article, I will try to explain what recoil is, and how to deal with it.

But before that I was not really good at playing pubg games, I got this term from sharing with some friends. So I draw conclusions in this article.

What is recoil?

Recoil comes from English which means beat. When shooting, the weapon we use will experience a shock. That’s because each weapon has different specifications. There are weapons that have high damage, also have large recoil.

The effect is that when the first bullet is fired, the direction of the shot will change, not staying in the position we want. Our aim will be messed up.

The existence of recoil in pubg makes the game feel more realistic. If the shooting direction is constant maybe the pubg game will not be fun to play. People will be bored because they are bored without anything challenging.

what-is-recoil-in-game-pubg-and-how-to-master it

All kinds of recoil

You must know the various types of recoil in playing shooting games. In the pubg game, here are some of the recoils

1. Recoil pattern

With the recoil pattern you can find out how big and including which type of recoil the weapon you are using has. You can try how big the impact of this recoil.

Here we try to do some shots and spray down to a wall or a close target.

Try going into training mode. Choose an AR weapon, for example M416 the best PUBG Mobile weapon.
Then aim the shot exactly at a point that is close at hand. Don’t go far. Then press continuously and then spend bullets until reload / reload.

You will see a dotted path generated by the movement of the weapon. Some are up, down, or sideways. Nothing stays in the middle of where our initial shot was headed.

This is due to the realistic pubg game system.

Actually that’s what happened when we tried this weapon actually. Although I myself have never used this weapon.

When the weapon is used to shoot the enemy, you must control the recoil pattern so that there is no much movement. You have to get the right shot while shooting, especially when you’re spaying down.

2. Horizontal recoil

You can feel the horizontal recoil when the gun strikes the side. Not to the top. When spraying down, the weapon seems to point to the left or right side.

To reduce the impact of horizontal recoil, try installing accessory attachments such as angled foregrips and half grips and compensators.

3. Vertical recoil

If the weapon tends to point upwards, it means that the weapon has vertical recoil.

To reduce the recoil impact of a weapon like this, use a vertical foregrip, half trip, thunb, and compensator.

4. Recoil recovery

Recoil recovery means how big the impact of the impact of the weapon so that we can return to the initial shooting position. All weapons have recoil recovery. But what is most noticeable is when we use single bolt weapons like kar98, awm, win.

To reduce the impact of the weapon’s recoil recovery, attachments such as half grips and light grips can be attached.

A weapon that should not be used because of its high recoil

1. Akm

The AKM weapon is an assault rifle that uses 7.62mm brown bullets. Of all the weapons with brown bullets, the akm is the easiest to get. But be careful in using it. If you are not agile, then you will be quickly killed by the enemy. That’s because the recoil is very large.

2. Vector

As an SMG weapon, vector is also easy to get in several lot locations. But for recoil matters, don’t ask, it’s really bad. If the attachment is incomplete, it’s useless to use this weapon.

3. Groza

Groza is indeed quite difficult to obtain. Usually appears in airdrops only. Before you decide to use this weapon. It’s good to know that this weapon uses 7.62mm brown bullets, and has great recoil.

The advantage of this weapon is its fast firing speed. So that if you use spray the enemy will die faster (if hit).

Overview of weapon attachments in the PUBG Mobile game

You also need to know how to attach the correct attachments to each weapon. And not all weapons have the same attachments. The following is an explanation of pubg mobile weapon attachments.

1. Scope

This is perhaps the easiest to distinguish. Scope means accessories to make it easier for us to target the enemy. By installing a scope we can see the enemy from a distance.

Attachments for scopes can be::
Red dot sight
Scope x2, x3, x4, x6, and x8

2. Muzzles

Is the very front of the weapon. This section can be paired with attachments such as::
Suppressor to muffle the sound so we can shoot without being noticed by the enemy. Suppressor is good for sniper guns.

Flash hider to eliminate the sparks that arise when shooting. This is good so that it is not easily seen by the enemy.

Compensator or so-called comp. Use it to reduce recoil. We recommend beginners use this attachment. So that weapons are easier to control.

3. Foregrip

This attachment is where all the functions of the recoil are managed. Using the wrong grip, the weapon will not be maximized. In fact, it will be difficult to use.
There are several grips that can be attached, such as:
– Thumb grip
– Foregrip angle
– Vertical foregrip
– Half grip
– Light grip

4. Extend

This attachment functions to increase capacity. There are 2 types of extends, namely::

Magazine extend, to increase the capacity of the number of bullets
Extend quick draw, to increase the speed of reloading so that when changing bullets it becomes faster
Hybrid, which is the union of the first and second extends.

By using extend, the firing speed of our weapons can also be increased.

5. Stock/pad

This attachment is not available on every weapon. There are 2 types of accessories that can be attached to this attachment, namely::
– Tactical stock, to reduce vibration and weapon recoil
– Chickpad, pads to reduce recoil (usually used for sniper weapons such as kar, or awm).

Best recoil settings for some popular weapons

After you know what recoil is, now is the time for us to try to do some attachment settings to reduce recoil on weapons.

In pubg games, we must have often gotten weapons like the akm and m416. This time I want to share the best settings for the recoil of the weapon.

Setting attachment for M416 weapon recoil

The m416 gun is indeed popular. Almost every player likes to use it. Apart from being easy, it is also easy to get, and the damage is high. Deserves to be dubbed the best pubg weapon.

To maximize the m416 weapon, pro players usually use the thumb grip and stock. By installing these two objects, when shooting in auto mode or in spray mode, it is easier to control, and more targeted.

Attachment settings for AKM weapon recoil

Akm weapons are also very often found in various locations. Akm has a lot of damage but the recoil is very bad.

Therefore you can use a compensator rifle in the muzzle. People used to say comp. Later when shooting in auto/spray mode it will be a little more accurate.

Attachment settings for UMP9 weapon recoil

As your favorite SMG weapon, you can maximize its performance by adding compensators.

Tips on how to master the recoil of each weapon in the PUBG game

Learn the specs of each weapon first. For beginners, use an easy-to-use weapon such as the m416, scar-l, ump9 or mini-14.

After selecting the weapon, pair it with the right attachment or accessories. Don’t make the wrong choice. Remember, every weapon has a different recoil, not all can be fitted with a vertical grip, you have to test again how the recoil impact of the weapon is without using an attachment.

Use the grip that matches the character of your weapon. Usually people have a favorite grip, because he already knows how to use his weapon. Only by adding grip, will maximize the function of the weapons owned.

Use the appropriate scope. Scope that is too far (can zoom far) has a large recoil if it is not in accordance with the recoil that is paired. If it’s close range, just use a red dot sight or scope x2, if at a distance, use a srope x4 then control how you shoot. Don’t spray down too much.

Hit the right shoot button. If using the right shoot button to spray down, move the finger that shoots down/pull down. So the impact of recoil can be reduced. Conversely, if you use the left button to shoot, the right thumb will still function to move down.

Set the appropriate pubg game sensitivity. Everyone’s hands are different. Some are agile, some are just learning. For beginners I suggest using the low sensitivity setting, but even then it is reduced again. Adjust the ads settings that are right for you.

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