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Tips for playing PUBG in Sanhok

Tips and easy ways to get chicken dinner on the Sanhok PUBG mobile map

mrfdn – If you often play PUBG there are 4 places or battle arenas. Among them are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. Maybe some of you like to play at Sanhok but often don’t get chicken dinner.

I also enjoy playing at Sanhok. The reason is because the map has more grass and trees. All players will feel the sensation of fighting in the wilderness.

For those who have never played in Sanhok, please download the map first. About 80mb in size.

Interesting things about the Sanhok map

According to the information I got, the Sanhok map was inspired by tourist sites in Thailand and the Philippines. There you will get a paradise resort that is familiar to the ear.


In Sanhok you can find great hiding places. Because this map is dominated by hills and lots of grass and rocks.

The Sanhok map has a smaller area than the other maps. Even though the players you face are small, there are still 99 people if you are playing solo.

Safe zone shrinks faster because the map is smaller. You must arrive first to the save zone so as not to be killed by the save zone.

In Sanhok you will more often find qbz and qbu weapons. Almost the same ar weapon as the m416.

When entering the Sanhok forest, you may often get a dew effect that blocks visibility. You have to be careful when walking there otherwise you can get mugged from other players.

Bustling gun lot in Sanhok

If you want to find a location where you can jump the fastest to get lots of weapons and accessories, please get off at the following location.

yellow: a lot of weapons, green: a safe place for lots of weapons

1. Paradise resort
Paradise resort is a place that is always crowded in Sanhok. There are lots of weapons and accessories. For those of you who are agile looking for lots, please come down here but be wary of other players.
2. Bootcamp
Sanhok also has a bootcamp, where there are lots of weapons. Please choose according to your favorite weapon.
3. Ruins
4. Quarry

Safe lot place in Sanhok

For those of you who like to play it safe, please get off at these places

1. Na kham
2. Khao
3. Lakawi

Tips for chicken dinner at Sanhok

1. Prepare weapons, bullets, and accessories in the form of a cylinder and sufficient scope. Usually the enemy prefers to shoot from a distance.
2. Go to the save zone immediately, avoid the save zone being too far away
3. Be wise in using the vehicle because the map is small, you can be caught more easily.
4. Shooting from the hills would be great. You can see the enemy’s position from above. In addition to hiding also from behind rocks, grass and tall trees.

The final word

Those are tips for playing PUBG mobile on the Sanhok map. Hopefully the tips above can make you a chicken dinner.

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