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Touch of Physics in PUBG Game

It turns out that Physics is very broad in scope, if you are good at making games like PUBG

mrfdn – One science can actually be applied to making games. Not just knowledge of coding, or game animation.

But there is something more interesting than that.

Did you know that games are made in three dimensions using physics formulas or the application of some physics. Previously, I informed you that I am not a physics student. I have very little knowledge of physics.

Physics that can be practiced at school or campus

Application of physics in PUBG and PUBG mobile games

Here I will take a sample of the PUBG game. The most popular game played today.

Did you know, that each element that appears in the game all have different shapes and dimensions. When viewed from one direction, it will be different when approaching.

To make the elements look more realistic, of course, knowledge of physics is used. Maybe you think this is a computer that runs it automatically.

But that’s not the case either. In making one dimensional shape requires precise and very precise measurements. So that between one object and another object can be seen in its actual form.

Physics formulas and precise mathematical calculations are very important here. Therefore, the development team of a large game usually consists of tens to hundreds of people. They are given the task of making a physics formula and then converting it into a computer language that is used to run a game.

Ordinary people must be dizzy when they see computer language codes like this.

Another example is that we mark the enemy’s position in the pubg mobile game map. It immediately shows how far we are from the enemy. The calculation is also done by physics.

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Each weapon used has a different spec. Likewise the output of the bullets, some are fast, some are slow. With the functions that have been made, by using certain weapons, the effect will be different. Some are sick, really sick, some are not sick, some are slow in operation, and so on.

All realistically made. To apply all of that into the game, of course it is very difficult to make it if it is only done by one or two people.

By measuring the distance or point you want to shoot, it will affect the type of weapon used. If the distance is far, of course by using a sniper like awm, dp-28 or kar98 the bullets that are fired will be maximized.

Not to mention if you’re aiming at an enemy whose position is far away, plus the sensitivity setting of the weapon.

By using a 6x or 8x scope, it will be easier to see. The zoom distance of a scope is also included in the calculation of the physics and math formula earlier.

One of the detailed samples can be seen when driving. You can see how the movement of the springs installed in the PUBG game car is. Movement looks very realistic, proportional to the terrain traversed and speed. The faster the car, the faster the spring will play, the more bumpy the road, the faster the game will appear.

Isn’t that the result of very perfect vehicle coding.

I don’t know what was in the mind of the game maker when he first thought about this game. I can go crazy if I think about it myself detail by detail that will be made. Obviously they’re all cool. Cool.

After the physics formula is made

Furthermore, after formulas or functions are made into the language used by the game. Now it’s time for the hardware to be driven. How capable the computer or smartphone is to run the game.

developers test games on smartphone phones

This is where the hardware designers continue to develop from time to time. Creating better hardware. To meet the market’s need for it.

Because the average game today requires a high hp spec to run normally. That’s one of the reasons why people always want to upgrade their current cellphone. The need for smooth gaming makes us have to replace cellphones.

Although there are ways like tweaking your own cellphone, for some people, changing your cellphone to a newer version is the best way.

The final word

I’m still amazed at how cool the physics kid was. Although certainly not all physics kids can get to this direction, it’s cool to be able to get here. Surely his brain is very thin.

For me, who is just a connoisseur of games, I only know from the front end. Just know that if this game runs smoothly, this game can be so realistic it turns out to use the magic touch of physics kids too.

pubg game display

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Without forgetting other developers who are not physics kids, I salute and thank you for creating this truly realistic game.

In the future I don’t know what I will see, will the game appear more realistic than today?

That’s it.

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